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Knowledge of packaging and printing

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1. Note that “bleeding” is to give 3mm more edge in the design to prevent a deviation in the post press die-cutting process
2. After the font design is completed, the bitmap shall be transferred to prevent the font from changing when the film is out

4。 Color separation is to CMYK divide into separate films. Because there are four sets of printing. Of course, there are spot colors and spot colors. This is a software application problem. Just read the book for specific operation. Method 1 To install a PS printer, first check whether there is a word PS after your printer name. If not, install any one, such as HP color LaserJet PS (add it in settings – printer and fax – add printer.)
2. After adding, open
in the menu file – setup, if the options are gray (not optional), you also need to select “open PPD”,
select a general in the directory /utilities /PDD ppd
3. In the setup dialog box Note the image option,
select positive for positive color separation and negative for negative color separation

5. Try not to use a large area of black, which is easy to spend when printing. Be sure to use blue with 40. The specific value is
C40 M0 Y0 k100
6 The finished product color level shall be considered in the design. It’s better to have a clear boundary on all sides when the box is folded. So that it can be distinguished during die cutting
7 The picture resolution cannot be lower than 150

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