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common sense of printing
1. How long is the printing period of the order
2. How to prepare for printing
3. How to prepare prepress documents for printing
4. Chromaticity difference of film, proofing, printing and computer screen:
5. How is the printing quotation formed
  6. Printing paper
1. How long is the printing period of the order
the time of delivery depends on the requirements of the printed order. Our production cycle is generally 3 –
8 working days, usually within 4 working days. There are many cases of post press processing, such as lamination, binding, mounting
, die cutting, bronzing, etc. Generally, it will take more than 7 working days. Our long-term customers enjoy the service of free
expediting fee for urgent work in Zhuocheng
2. How to prepare for printing
due to the detailed division of labor of various processes, you can easily find a professional prepress production company that can provide you with fast and considerate services. Of course, we can also provide you with the typesetting, design and production of prepress documents. We can provide you with a full set of film and proofing. We suggest you do a good job of the above film and proofing. This will ensure your delivery time and minimize intermediate links and expenses
3. How to prepare prepress documents for printing
if you don’t have time to go to the prepress production company to complete the production of film and proofing, we will help you
finish the prepress production immediately
please pay attention to the following aspects of the documents you bring. They will help you save valuable time
  1. Please confirm that there are all necessary files in the document. Please confirm that the image file must have been included in the document
. Sometimes, although the image can be displayed, it is actually missing or the resolution is low, so please confirm the
necessary image and provide the image file with sufficient accuracy in the document. (picture resolution not less than 280 pixels
2 Don’t forget to copy in the required fonts. Please be sure to provide the required styles. Although some fonts are
displayed, they still need to copy in the fonts that can be produced before outputting the film. Only by ensuring that the words that can be displayed and entered can you not waste your own time
  3. Don’t forget to change the color of the linked picture from RGB to CMYK, otherwise there will be
color confusion in the film after it is released
  4. When Pantone spot color is changed to CMYK color, please confirm whether the same effect will be achieved by the method of “YBR> Pantone”, the difference between the two colors can only be achieved by the method of “YBR> Pantone” and “YBR> which can only be converted into CMK”
  5. Double scanning of pictures; Single output can improve the scanning quality of pictures
  6. The simple problem of whether the typesetting file is set well is often defeated by some experienced computer
experts; Is the color in the typesetting software set according to the color scale value? So please make a final check
7. The printing proofing corresponding to the film is the most worry-free reference for the printing factory. If there is no proofing for various reasons, please be sure to provide at least one print (color is the best, not really, black and white is better)
, and we must check the film with one of the above two
4. Chromaticity difference between film, proofing, printing and computer screen:
film and its corresponding proofing are the best choice to reduce errors and save your cost and time with us. The proofing corresponding to phenanthrene
forest is closest to the finished printing product. The printing effect displayed on the computer screen is much brighter than the actual printing
and cannot be used as the same reference, so the printing proofing shall prevail
· this is because the color formation of the display is different from that of the color printing paper. The display uses the three primary color principle of red, green and blue to emit light to form an image. This color formation principle is called RGB, which is widely used in TV and computer displays
· color printing is to print red, yellow, blue and black inks on paper products to form a color image. This principle is called CMYK, which is widely used in four-color offset printing technology
· another important reason for the obvious difference between computer display and printed matter is the color
color standard of display. If your computer monitor fails to correct color calibration, the computer display effect will be greatly different from that of the computer monitor that has
correct color calibration. Therefore, it is necessary to ask professional technicians to adjust the display effect in time
· different printing materials will also make the printing effect different. Generally speaking, the printing effect of coated paper is much brighter than that of offset
the above preparations can help you and us reduce all kinds of possible problems. Speed up the delivery process to
avoid increasing costs
nevertheless, if you lack each of the above work or don’t understand our suggestions and requirements, please
don’t worry. We will try our best to cooperate with you under various conditions. Just please provide all the documents you can provide as far as possible; We will call you at any time after finding the problem to confirm the completion of the work
5. How is the printed quotation formed
color printing is the most accurate description of human behavior and products and services. It brings profound first impressions and feelings to mankind. Its precise expression can positively exert the greatest influence on human emotion and decision-making, especially the purchase decision and the satisfaction of customers after receiving services. As an important part of
product promotion, color printing is a key link and assistant related to the success or failure of enterprises
when making the product promotion and sales budget, customers will be eager to know the cost of printed matter. As long as you
fill in our quotation, our customer service personnel will reply the quotation for you
if this is the first time you have been contacted with the inquiry of printed matter and the work of contacting the printing factory, you may also feel that you have no
to start with, then please read our workflow and quickly fill in our quotation. The printing flow
process can be simply divided into three parts: pre printing, printing and post printing
printing cost accounting can also be divided into the above three parts. The combination of the three is the price of printed matter
early stage of printing:
the process flow of completing film and proofing is calculated per P. generally, A4 (if it is less than A4 or greater than A4, it is A3, so we must measure the accurate size for price verification) is the usual pricing standard
. Film is a necessity for the machine, and printing proofing is the most basic document for the collar machine to check the color
is the key link of printing, and the pricing standard is color order. If there is a spot color, such as the
spot color of the enterprise logo or printing gold, silver, etc. Please note that it will increase from 4 colors to 5 colors and 6 colors
later stage of printing:
it is usually the product work after printing. Be sure to note: riding nails or glue nails, folding (
how much discount?); Whether the post press process has lamination or UV, die-cutting, bronzing and convex areas should also be clearly written
, packaging and packaging quantity. If there are special requirements, please also indicate
the more specific and accurate the above process links are indicated. The more timely and accurate
the price is, of course, it is the best way to communicate directly with our
customer service personnel. When you call at the door, we will provide you with
friend consulting services
  6. Printing paper
sheet opening details
sheet opening: full opening 889 × 1194mm (large) fully open 787 × 1092mm (positive) split 590 × 880 split 780 × 540 four open 590 × 440 four open 390 × 540 eight open 420 × 290 octal 390 × 270 sixteen open 210 × 285 sixteen open 185 × 260 32 open 210 × 140 32 open 185 × 130
International size A4 = 210 × 297mm full open = 965 × 630mm 1p = 16 open = A4 paper degree (used for black-and-white printing offset and antique) 52g antique paper thickness of coated paper 60g offset paper = 0.03 64g bronze 70g offset paper = 0.04 80g copper 80g offset paper 105g copper 100g offset paper 128G copper 120g offset paper 157G copper 150g offset paper 200g copper

there are many kinds of printing, such as silk screen printing and gravure printing. It’s too many and complex. It’s estimated that you can’t learn it thoroughly for a while. I suggest you go to the printing factory to work. It’s estimated that you can be an apprentice in less than half a year. It’s estimated that you will understand the reason by then. We happen to have a printing factory here, which seems to be called Zhongcai Huibang special printing company, Check it out, Baidu. Don’t forget to reward me some points, brother. My number is fucking low

there are a lot of printed materials in Baidu’s PP forum. There are many friends who do packaging and printing

some customers will ask whether the wrinkling of carbon free paper is a quality problem
due to the climate difference between the north and the south, it is normal for carbon free paper products to wrinkle slightly due to the influence of environmental factors such as temperature and humidity from delivery to use; However, if the wrinkling is serious (can not be used), it is a base paper quality problem, and the manufacturer should be contacted in time
what should I pay attention to after unpacking
(1) after unpacking, if the product is not used for a long time, it should be put into the original packaging plastic bag to prevent moisture and damage
(2) when unpacking products with serial numbers, the number shall be carefully checked. In case of wrong number, missing number, duplicate number and other problems, the customer service department of the company shall be complained in time together with the label outside the box and the certificate of conformity inside the box
what should we pay attention to during the use of the product
(1) before using the product, adjust the strength of the printer to the appropriate position
(2) when printing with multi-layer printing paper, please use the normal printing file and try to avoid high-speed printing to ensure that the printing handwriting is clear
(3) when the product needs to be filled in manually, please use ball point pen or signing pen to fill in with force
how to solve the problem of no color or unclear color on carbonless paper
(1) there is no color rendering, which may be caused by the reverse installation of the printer (except for quality problems). Just reload the paper
(2) unclear color rendering may be caused by insufficient pressure of the printer or broken needle in the printing hair. Increase the printing force and check whether there is broken needle
What if there is a paper jam during printing
in case of paper jam, the following methods can be used:
(1) check whether the position of the printer is appropriate and whether it is aligned with the paper tray. After the paper is loaded into the paper tray, it should be flat to avoid getting stuck in the paper tray
or the paper inlet
(2) select the position of the appropriate number of paper layers for the print head to avoid being too close to other paper positions, resulting in friction ribbon or even paper jam
(3) after printing, select an appropriate paper feeding position to make the paper feeding smooth and avoid paper jam due to insufficient pressure of the paper pressing wheel.

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