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Logo of China Green Agriculture Service Alliance

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logo interpretation
* the logo is shaped in a circular shape to symbolize unity and development. With an open attitude, it calls on many social forces to unite and jointly help the development of green agriculture from the industrial chain* Green means green agriculture and green development. It also means the vigorous vitality of the alliance and the determination of Green China
* green earth points out the theme, an international and open non-governmental strategic alliance organization and an international comprehensive service platform for green agriculture
* the open ears of wheat are like two hands holding up the green hope in the hearts of hundreds of millions of people, and also represent the sustainable development and vitality of the alliance
green “cgasa” is the English abbreviation of the alliance, which means that the alliance will consistently and fully contribute to the development of green agriculture and promote the development and improvement of agricultural professional socialized services, At the same time, the green cgasa, the open ears of wheat and the “green earth” rely on each other, which symbolizes that China Green Agricultural Service Alliance will really take root at the grass-roots level, close to the vast bases and agricultural enterprises, and become the soil for the vigorous growth of green agriculture everywhere, so that green agriculture everywhere can take root, germinate, grow and take off as soon as possible. (edited by China Green Agricultural Service Alliance)

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