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On food packaging safety

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the reporter learned from the Bureau of quality and technical supervision of Anhui province that the well-known Hefei wanmaomao quick frozen food Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province sold the expired zongzi produced in 2005, some of which were even rotten, but re sold after replacing them with new packaging. Recently, it was investigated and dealt with by the quality supervision department. The quality supervision department has sealed up the expired zongzi with a total amount of more than 2 tons, and will recover the “problem zongzi” sent by the company in the shortest time

according to the law enforcement personnel of the inspection office of Hefei Bureau of quality supervision, a large number of expired zongzi are stacked in the cold storage of Hefei wanmaomao quick frozen food Co., Ltd. with the production batch numbers “May 8, 2005” and “April 21, 2005” on the outer package. The shelf life is 12 months. It is roughly estimated that the total amount is more than 2 tons, which is the expired zongzi that the company has not sold out and recycled in 2005 and 2006. In the workshop, a large number of expired zongzi were unpacked and wrapped with fresh Zongye for sale. The rice grains of some expired zongzi have become milky, and some have even rotted, emitting an unpleasant smell. Sales records show that the company’s sales of zongzi are very large. Some of the repackaged expired zongzi have been sent out, mainly to Tongcheng, Taihu and other areas in Anhui Province. Law enforcement officials told reporters that consumers who eat these expired zongzi are prone to vomiting and diarrhea, or serious food poisoning.

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