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Pepsi Cola recruitment

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Q: are those people in PepsiCo work clothes who are selling goods in the supermarket the
promoters recruited by PepsiCo? Which is how to recruit? Does anyone know?

well, I just got into PepsiCo
the process is like this. PepsiCo has offices everywhere to provide supply and channel maintenance for local distribution. What you’re asking is the MT channel, that is, the channel Department of large stores

some personnel will be recruited in advance before the festival, which is not called promotion, but called temporary tallyman. The main work is to bundle gifts and display (pay attention to the commodity date and implement the FIFO principle). If you have the ability, you need to report in time according to the inventory and sales volume or order directly, and notify the superior tallyman (the salesman belonging to the store channel)
as a grass-roots sales work, the value of your work lies in sales, and suppressing the sales of similar products also belongs to your work. Give full play to your talent to suppress the sales of similar products and improve your sales
however, do not engage in vicious competition. Do not forcibly insert into the conversation when the other party introduces products. Doing so will be despised and lose customers
the important skill is to observe whether customers are interested in your products or gifts. During the beverage sales period, people really need drinks, but there are many kinds. PepsiCo only deals in carbonated and fruit juice drinks, and tea drinks have no large packaging. So you should make sure that the target of your promotion is customers who buy the first two products, not customers who intend to buy fruit milk (nutritional express) or tea drinks

generally, this kind of recruitment will not be advertised. If you want to apply, you need to know the location of your city business office and apply directly

the salary depends on the living standard of each city, which is generally 40 /day and 60 /day. The salary is generally paid half a month to one month after the end of the work (depending on the work efficiency of the store supervisor).

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