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Pink packing bag design sample

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generally speaking, in the rational packaging design, the key points of food packaging design should be considered from seven aspects, as follows:

1. Understand the nature, size, structure, weight and combination number of products to decide what type of packaging to use or whether packaging is needed

2. Understand the shape, brittleness, surface finish, corrosion resistance, electroplating paint category and other properties of the product to determine what kind of lining or buffer parts to use

3. Know the value or value of the product to decide how to choose protective measures

4. Understand the interaction between the contents and packaging materials and whether harmful substances may be produced, so as to reasonably select packaging materials and containers

5. Know whether different contents are put together and whether they may cause pollution, so as to determine the packaging method

6. Know whether it is necessary to provide space or space

7. Know whether it is necessary to provide anti-theft measures

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