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Shanghai specialty (packaging)

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Shanghai specialties that can be mailed to other places. Thank you for your introduction

Fengjing dinghoof

Fengjing dinghoof produced in Jinshan County, the suburb of Shanghai has a history of more than 100 years. It is refined from the hoof of black skin purebred “Fengjing pig”. This kind of black pigskin has fine bones, thin skin and moderate fat and lean. After the Ding hoof is cooked, its shape is intact, its color is red and bright, and its meat is tender and fine. Hot food is crisp but not rotten, and the soup is thick but not greasy; Cold food smells delicious and has another flavor

Shanghai pear paste sugar

it is said that pear paste sugar began in Wei Wei, the famous Minister of the Tang Dynasty, with a history of more than 1300 years. He ground the herbal medicine into powder, boiled it with pear juice and gave it to his chronically ill mother. Later, this method spread and became a therapeutic food pear paste sugar. Dried meat floss is now available in the Yu Garden pear store in Shanghai. All kinds of Chinese pear herb, such as almond, hawthorn, Sichuan shell, Platycodon grandiflorum and orange red, are available in the year. There are also various kinds of cough syrup, such as ginger, peppermint, walnut, small shrimp, dried meat floss, pine nuts, and so on, which are made from more than ten kinds of Chinese herbal medicines processed in the Yu Garden shopping mall. Br>
canned anchovies

anchovies, also known as roasted fish, are characterized by flat body, extended tail, silvery white, large female and small male. Anchovy is a valuable economic fish. Its meat is delicious and can be eaten fresh or canned. Usually people like to fry it and add accessories to the meal. It tastes crispy and delicious. Canned anchovies made from fried anchovies sell well at home and abroad


is produced in Chongming, Qingpu and other counties in Shanghai. Commonly known locally as “noodle fish” or “noodle fish”, the meat is tender and delicious. It contains protein, fat and carbohydrates. It is a treasure on the table. It can be used together with eggs to stir fry, which can be made into a famous dish “fried egg with whitebait”, or dried or processed into canned whitebait

Shanghai wood carving

Shanghai is one of the key production areas of wood carving crafts in China. According to the materials used, it is divided into three categories: white wood, mahogany and boxwood carving. The works carved by Bai Mu have plump composition, clear levels, fine knife technique and rich changes. There are screens and screens for appreciating the furnishings, as well as furniture, wine kitchen, table lamp, fruit plate, etc. Combining appreciation with practicality. Representative works include giant wood carvings such as dragon boat and Peach Blossom Festival

mahogany carving uses small pieces of mahogany, using techniques such as carving, round carving and deep and shallow relief, and takes landscape, flowers and birds, melons and vegetables, insects and fish as the theme, and is designed into stationery, cigarette set, flower arrangement and other handicrafts. The shape is exquisite, the decoration is concise and the workmanship is neat. The boxwood carvings in Shanghai are mainly round carvings. Most of the works are based on children’s life. The knife technique is fine and the shape is lively and vivid, which is suitable for desk appreciation. His outstanding works include “five sons play with the turtle”, “naughty Doll”, “riding the dragon” and so on

Jiading bamboo carvings

Jiading bamboo carvings have a long history and were famous handicrafts in Shanghai as early as the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Jiading bamboo carvings mainly include plane carvings and three-dimensional carvings. Three dimensional carvings are mainly made of bamboo roots, while plane carvings are made of fan bones, pen holders, vases, etc

there are many carving methods, such as Yin carving, Yang carving, skin carving, mold carving and so on, among which the green skin carving is the most distinctive. The green skin carving uses the green skin of bamboo as the flower and the bamboo muscle as the bottom to carve out layers of pictures by using its different color. The carved books, paintings, inset screens, hanging screens and other appreciative works of art and practical handicrafts such as cigarette boxes, pencil boxes and vases have meticulous and exquisite knife techniques and elegant patterns

Shanghai ivory carving

the main varieties of ivory carving in Shanghai include carved fine flowers, leather carvings and round figures. Among them, the carved fine flowers are the most distinctive scenery, which is as famous as round carvings and relief figures in Beijing, multi-layer dental balls in Guangzhou and Tong carved boats. The characteristics of carved fine flowers of Shanghai ivory carving were formed in the early 20th century. It shows rich themes, diverse forms, plump composition, vivid and picturesque. The knife skill of the work is clean and neat, and the craft is exquisite. In particular, the hollow carving integrates the interior and exterior scenes, which is full of local characteristics in the south of the Yangtze River. Representative works include “white snail girl”, “bengjing”, “Eighteen Arhats fighting Dapeng”, “Pipa line”, “under the river”, “Spring View”, “dragon boat”, “scenery in the south of the Yangtze River” and other treasures
“Pearl of the East” and “quintessence of China”. Because of its small size, easy to carry, long-lasting, mildew free, non deformation and discoloration, the dough sculpture has become a good gift for tourists to give to relatives and friends and keep as a souvenir

Shanghai woolen embroidery

woolen embroidery is one of the emerging Chinese arts and crafts. It is a kind of handicraft embroidered with various colored woolen threads on special mesh fabrics. The products are divided into two categories: appreciation and practical. With rich colors, Shanghai Silk

Shanghai Silk

Shanghai is one of the important producing and exporting places of Chinese silk. Silk, satin, damask, silk, brocade, crepe, velvet, Pueraria, silk, spinning, yarn and gauze are all available, with various designs and colors, which are deeply appreciated by consumers at home and abroad. The world-renowned “golden three cups” silk printed silk has harmonious and bright color matching; The silk flower silk with Chinese painting as the theme not only has antique style, but also has new expression methods. It is unique in the international market
clear, vivid and vivid, and is deeply welcomed by the masses at home and abroad. “The Great Wall”, “a hundred flowers contend for beauty” and “a distant view of Mount Everest” in Shanghai woolen embroidery have become masterpieces with definite comments at home and abroad. Among them, the “Great Wall” was sent to the hall of the United Nations building for exhibition, which amazed the representatives of all countries

Town God’s Temple pear paste sugar

Town God’s Temple pear sugar has been handed down for over 1300 years. More than 100 the fruit paste shop was opened in Town God’s Temple, Shanghai. Because the owner is good at running, the pear sugar in Town God’s Temple is famous both at home and abroad. This sugar is divided into two types: effective pear paste sugar and flower color pear paste sugar. Curative effect: pear paste sugar has the effects of relieving cough and asthma, generating fluid and appetizing. It is made of almond, Platycodon grandiflorum, Poria cocos, Pinellia ternata, winter flower, Peucedanum praeruptorum, orange red and white granulated sugar. Colored pear paste sugar is boiled with Amomum villosum, hawthorn, clove, bergamot, wood fragrance and other Chinese herbal medicine plus white sugar. It is now sold by the Yu Garden shopping mall Shanghai pear sugar shop. Br> no more than two or three cities and two. Famous dishes made with perch include perch chowde
r and perch soup, which are known as “good taste in Southeast China”. Town God’s Temple spicy beans

Town God’s Temple spicy beans used materials exquisite, suitable for heating. The raw materials used are broad beans specially selected from Yuyao County, Zhejiang Province. The selection is very strict. Yellow beans and moth eaten beans cannot be used. They should be washed and boiled in water. The double eye stove is used for cooking, with a clear water pot and a sugar water pot on it. When the water temperature in the clean water pot reaches about 60 ℃, put the washed broad beans in and cook them for a period of time. After the beans are cooked, fish them in the sugar water pot. But before you bait, put a certain proportion of saccharin and vanilla and essence into the sugar pan, then sprinkle some salt on the bean, then turn it into the sugar pan. When turning, use a fence to slowly push down from around the edge of the pot. This will cook the beans evenly and taste good. After half an hour or so, when you see salt flowers on the bean skin, you can start the pot and hang the beans in a bamboo container. After cooling and drying, they are spiced beans. The skin is thin, the meat floss, the salt cream is uniform, and the bite is soft and waxy. It tastes delicious and sweet in your mouth.

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