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Significance of heat shrinkable packaging machine

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heat shrinkable packaging machine is a highly automated equipment. This product is widely used in medicine, food and beverage, home chemistry and other industries. The application of shrinkable film packaging machine can greatly reduce the material and labor cost of medium box packaging, which is of great economic significance
automatic shrink packaging machine is an automatic packaging equipment which combines pneumatic components and mechanical devices and is controlled by PLC and other peripheral circuits. The actuator of the equipment is a cylinder. Its forward and backward are controlled by two position five way solenoid valve. The working position of the cylinder is detected by the magnetic switch and proximity switch and fed back to the PLC. The PLC sends the control command to the solenoid valve of the corresponding cylinder through the program, so as to control the action of the cylinder

it saves the cost of packaging materials and labor costs, and is more efficient. Moreover, the current packaging forms are diverse, which has also become a bright spot to increase the added value of products

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