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Specification data on the bag?

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The specification data on the common packaging bag shall explain the meaning, and there shall be no less than 5
well answered, I have additional points

the numbering rules of different products, different manufacturers and different regions are also different. Although the country also has corresponding control over numbering, they vary greatly. Generally speaking, the information contained in the product number includes: product type, material, specification, and the standard followed by the production of such products (generally national standard), etc. Most of what I know is the brand of building materials. If you have a picture, send it up and have a look. Maybe it can help you.

production date

commodity bar code refers to the identification composed of a group of regularly arranged bars, spaces and their corresponding characters, which is used to represent certain commodity information. The bar is dark and the blank is nano, which is used for scanning and reading of bar code reading equipment. The corresponding characters are composed of a group of Arabic numerals for people to read directly or input data to the computer through the keyboard. The information represented by this group of blank bars and the corresponding characters is the same

bar code technology was born with the development and application of computer and information technology. It is a new technology integrating coding, printing, identification, data acquisition and processing

the use of bar code scanning is the general trend of market circulation in the future. In order to make commodities circulate freely and widely all over the world, enterprises must abide by the relevant provisions of commodity bar code management, whether designing and manufacturing, applying for registration or using commodity bar code

at present, the commonly used code systems in the world include ENA bar code, UPC bar code, 25 bar code, cross 25 bar code, kudeba bar code, 39 bar code and 128 bar code, and ean bar code is the most commonly used commodity bar code

ean commodity bar code, also known as general commodity bar code, is formulated by the international article coding Association and is commonly used all over the world. It is the most widely used commodity bar code in the world. At present, this kind of commodity bar code is also used in China. Ean commodity bar codes are divided into EAN-13 (Standard Version) and ean-8 (shortened version)

EAN-13 general commodity bar code is generally composed of prefix, manufacturer code, commodity code and verification code. The prefix code in the commodity bar code is the code used to identify the country or region. The code right is assigned to the international article coding Association, such as 00-09, which represents the United States and Canada. 45-49 stands for Japan. 690-692 represents the Chinese mainland, 471 represents the Taiwan region of China, and the 489 represents the Hongkong Special Administrative Region. The empowerment of manufacturer code is an article coding organization in various countries or regions. In China, the national article coding center gives the manufacturer code. The commodity code is the code used to identify the commodity. The right to assign the code is exercised by the product manufacturer. The manufacturer decides which Arabic numerals to use on its own commodity according to the specified conditions. Finally, the 1-digit check code is used to check the correctness of the number l-12 from the left in the commodity bar code

the code of commodity bar code follows the principle of uniqueness to ensure that commodity bar codes are not repeated all over the world, that is, a commodity item can only have one code, or a code can only identify one commodity item. Different commodity codes can only be used for commodities with different specifications, different packages, different varieties, different prices and different colors

the standard size of commodity bar code is 37.29mm x 26.26mm, and the magnification is 0.8-2.0. When the printing area allows, the barcode with a magnification of more than 1.0 shall be selected to meet the reading requirements. The smaller the magnification, the higher the printing accuracy. When the printing accuracy can not meet the requirements, it is easy to make it difficult to read the bar code

since barcode reading is realized by bar code and empty color contrast, generally, only the color that can meet the requirements of contrast (PCS value) can be used. Generally, light colors are used as empty colors, such as white, orange, yellow, etc., and dark colors are used as strips, such as black, dark green, dark brown, etc. The best color match is black strip and white space. According to the practical experience of bar code detection, red, gold and light yellow should not be used as bar colors, and transparent and gold should not be used as empty colors

ean-8 commodity bar code refers to the commodity bar code with 8 digits for identification, which is composed of commodity item code represented by 7 digits and check symbol represented by 1 digit

the birth of commodity bar code has greatly facilitated commodity circulation. Modern society is inseparable from commodity bar code. According to statistics, at present, 500000 kinds of products in China have used international commodity bar codes. After China’s accession to the WTO, enterprises will win more activity space on the international stage. To be in line with international practices and meet the needs of international economy and trade, enterprises can not wait for commodity bar codes

■ 22x33cm thickness: 13C
■ 33x48cm thickness: 13C
■ 14.5x20cm thickness: 13C
■ 16x24cm thickness: 13C
■ 22x38cm thickness: 10C
■ 15x20cm thickness: 8C
■ 15x20cm thickness: 13C
■ 14x30cm thickness: 12C
■ 16x35cm thickness: 8C
■ 16x51cm thickness: 13C
■ 40x52cm thickness: 11C
■ 49x64cm thickness: 11C
■ 37.5x59cm thickness: 13C
■ 56x62cm thickness: 13-15c

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