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Tetra Pak advantages of sterile Tetra Pak brick

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Tetra Pak has found a good balance between protection and emotional needs. Compared with plastic bottles and glass bottles, brick and pillow Tetra Pak bags have a relatively large volume ratio, and this packaging shape is easier to pack, transport and store. From a technical point of view, Tetra Pak is a six layer composite paper package composed of paper, aluminum and plastic, which can effectively block air and light, which are the killers that are easy to deteriorate milk and beverages. Therefore, the small Tetra Pak bag makes the consumption of milk and beverages more convenient and safe, and has a longer shelf life, realizing high packaging efficiency. But what we need to pay attention to is: Tetra Pak bricks must not be heated in the microwave oven, which will bring the effect of bomb
of course, in addition, Tetra Pak has completely achieved “safety, reliability, simplicity and brilliance”. First of all, its shape is simple and atmospheric. The outer paper can easily print different designs, or bright, or fresh, or cartoon, according to the demands of different products. It can vary from product to product and from consumer to consumer. On the basis of “Tetra Pak brick”, Tetra Pak innovated and mutated on the premise of saving costs as much as possible, and launched “Tetra Pak diamond” packaging with good hand feel, metal texture, more high-end and fashion, such as the popular “Yaha” coffee packaging in the market, which fully reflects the flavor of young fashion
Tetra Pak has always followed the motto of Dr. Rubin lausing, the founder of the company: “the savings brought by packaging should exceed its own costs.” The essence of this sentence is “cost saving”. Tetra Pak packaging always pursues to save costs for manufacturers and bring safety and convenience to consumers in the process of food production, transportation and sales. It is worth mentioning that Tetra Pak also attaches importance to saving in the process of product R & D. On the premise of keeping the packaging performance unchanged, after long-term efforts, the use of cardboard in Tetra Pak bags has been reduced by 18%; The thickness of aluminum foil has also been reduced by 30%; On the other hand, all Tetra Pak packages can be recycled and made into stationery, tables and chairs, building materials, etc., so that they can “waste without abandoning” after completing the function of packaging. Tetra Pak’s pursuit is in sharp contrast to the sometimes rampant over packaging in the market. We really hope to see more moderate packaging like Tetra Pak and less excessive packaging like luxury moon cakes
Tetra Pak brick is a typical composite material

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