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There will be a piece on the surface of the blown film. Is it a material problem or something

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the surface of calcium carbonate masterbatch film blowing film is very rough, which is due to the quality problem of calcium carbonate masterbatch. There are two reasons. First, the particle size of calcium carbonate filling masterbatch you buy is too large. Generally, 800 mesh of heavy calcium is used for blowing packaging film, and 600 mesh is also used, but the surface begins to be rough. 800 mesh of heavy calcium filling masterbatch can be added to 40 ~ 50%, Some film manufacturers in Xiongxian County, Hebei Province can add up to 60%, so they rarely use heavy calcium below 600 mesh to blow the packaging film. The second is the poor dispersion of calcium carbonate masterbatch, which forms the so-called small white spots in the membrane.

the achievement of Song Ci is different from the prose and argumentative style of general Song poetry. It is good at the perfect combination of lyricism and landscape painting. On the basis of Xiaoling in the Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties, the Song Dynasty acted as many medias and medias in the twists and turns. Secondly, Song Ci is also good at Bixing. It mostly uses subtle and detailed Bixing techniques to express complex and hidden feelings through scenery. It often reposes political feelings with the tradition of fragrant grass beauty, which is deeply moving. Thirdly, Song Ci has formed many artistic styles. Although Song Ci followed the tradition of Tang and Five Dynasties, focusing on expressing feelings and temperament, forming a division of “poetry, Zhuang, CI and Mei”, and taking elegance as the religion, later, due to the changes of times and life, the expansion of themes, the importance of artistic personality and the gradual diversity of artistic techniques, the style of Song Ci has the characteristics of simplicity, openness, elegance, precision, elegance and energy Many styles, such as Millie, dangerous and astringent. The Tang Dynasty is the golden age of the development of Chinese poetry. Strong national strength, inclusive cultural spirit and rich cultural accumulation have prepared sufficient conditions for the prosperity of Tang poetry. Many great and outstanding poets have pushed the development of Chinese poetic art to the peak. Today, there are more than 3700 Tang poetry writers available for examination. It can be seen that there are more than 54000 Tang poetry surviving. This is only a part of Tang poetry, but we can get a glimpse of the prosperity of poetry at that time.

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