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Transport damage of semi-finished pickles and lettuce

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Hello, what do you want to inquire about
Consultation record · answer: the transportation damage of semi-finished pickled vegetables and lettuce on December 25, 2021 Hello, what do you want to consult specifically? Pickled semi-finished pickled vegetables and lettuce. From Baoding to Hunan 20 tons of loading, how much damage to Hunan? Hello, there are many factors involved. It depends on the temperature in the car equipment, the bumps on the road, and the quality of lettuce. How about taking the highway to pack bags? How about the quality of the damaged lettuce itself? There are still many uncertain and uncontrollable factors in the temperature of pickled semi-finished products in the car. If the lettuce itself is of good quality and the temperature in the car is low, it is estimated that the damage rate is about 20%. Of course, this data is not fixed, because external factors are changing, including temperature, bumpy journey and the lettuce itself
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 the pace of life is speeding up now, which can be reflected in the way we eat new year's Eve dinner. Of course, the fastest thing is to pack a table in a hotel. Even if you eat at home, you can get up quickly - order semi-finished New Year's Eve dinner. You can buy semi-finished New Year's Eve dinner in some restaurants or e-commerce platforms. The price of semi-finished food is not very expensive. It's not very popular at home

 in fact, semi-finished New Year's Eve dinner is an upgrade of semi-finished dishes (or convenience dishes and clean dishes). The semi-finished food has entered the market for many years and is no longer a new thing. It can also be said that the birth of semi-finished dishes is the necessity of the times - they are selected, cleaned, cut, batched and packaged by professionals who know cooking skills in advance, and then sent to supermarkets or directly delivered to consumers by couriers. This not only saves people the preparation time for buying vegetables and washing before cooking, but also solves the problem that those who are not proficient in cooking will not match the ingredients. It is precisely because semi-finished dishes have the advantages of fast and affordable, which are in line with the needs of office workers, and the market is booming for a time

 judging from the supervision and random inspection of semi-finished dishes by the market supervision department in recent years, the quality and safety problems are indeed not optimistic. For example, recently, when Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau carried out food safety law enforcement inspection before the Spring Festival, it was found that there were potential health and safety hazards in some semi-finished dishes such as sliced salmon sold in the market. According to the relevant requirements of food safety, the segmented non instant salmon can not be eaten raw directly, and warnings such as "non raw food products" and "edible after cooking" shall be marked on the outer package. The semi-finished salmon sold in the store is only marked with "edible after processing", which is a non-standard label. In addition, some businesses often highlight the main ingredients (such as sea cucumber and abalone) when promoting their semi-finished dishes, while ignoring other ingredients, specific quantities and specifications. What's more, some semi-finished dishes are not marked with the name and address of the manufacturer or contact information on the package, which belongs to "three no products"

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