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Vacuum packaging machine brand! Domestic and foreign famous brands?

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Hello, every manufacturer affirms that their equipment is good. Based on this consideration, it is difficult to have an objective evaluation. As a practitioner who has worked hard in the packaging machinery industry for many years, I want to say the following points:
what is good equipment? 1. Have personal experience and experience in using
2. If your friends or peers are using it, they may be able to provide you with some good suggestions
3. It is no accident that a brand or enterprise with a strong brand awareness and a long manufacturing history can stand firm from the beginning of its establishment to now
4. Price and other factors, based on the investment cost, not the most expensive equipment is the best. In fact, the equipment users need is not the best, but the equipment most suitable for their own production status, because the basic consideration of purchasing equipment is also to create profits and save costs. The equipment is only a machine to realize our processing intention and solve the actual production needs, so the cost performance is also very important
5. The stability of products and the timeliness of after-sales service should not be blindly cheap. Similarly, the purpose of equipment manufacturers is to make profits. This is a topic that needs to be avoided. How can non-profit enterprises develop continuously? What is innovation and progress without development? No equipment can be guaranteed to fail. However, frequent failures and manufacturers’ failure to deal with them are everywhere, which is the inevitable product of the reduction of manufacturing costs caused by the low price. Don’t complain about the unscrupulous equipment suppliers. I think both the supplier and the demander are responsible.

there are Wilson and others at home and modivik and others abroad

IZO, Taiwan, Zhaofeng, Taiwan

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