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Want to open a small non-woven bag factory, what equipment do you need?

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the production of non-woven bags requires a set of equipment to complete this process, which is divided into full automatic process and semi automatic process

semi-automatic process needs: non woven fabric slitting machine, which is used for slitting non-woven fabric; The non-woven fabric cutting machine is used for cutting the non-woven fabric divided into strips; Printing machine, used for pattern printing of non-woven bag

non woven fabric embossing stitching machine, also known as ultrasonic lace stitching machine, is used for stitching, crimping and embossing of non-woven bags, as well as the production of hand-held bags; Hand bag shearing machine, used for cutting hand bag; The hand-held bag welding machine is used to weld the hand-held bag on the non-woven bag body

full automatic process needs: the full-automatic non-woven bag machine and printing machine can complete the printing of non-woven bags, with less labor and high effect, but there are few kinds of bags that can be made, only flat bags, hem bags and bottom bags

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the main material of non-woven bag is non-woven fabric. Non woven fabric is a kind of non-woven fabric. It directly uses polymer chips, short fibers or filaments to form new fiber products with soft, breathable and plane structure through various fiber web forming methods and consolidation technology

non woven bags generally adopt screen printing process, which is often referred to as “silk screen printing”, which has always been a common printing process of many manufacturers. Generally, it is printed manually. Because the printing has peculiar smell, the color is not full and easy to fall off, many new non-woven printing methods have emerged

non woven bag, commonly known as non-woven bag, is a new generation of environmental protection materials. It has the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light weight, non combustion supporting, easy decomposition, non-toxic and non irritating, rich colors, low price and recyclable use. The material can decompose naturally after being placed outdoors for 90 days, and has a service life of up to 5 years when placed indoors. When burning, it is non-toxic, tasteless, free of any residual substances and does not pollute the environment. It is internationally recognized as an environmental protection product to protect the earth’s ecology& nbsp;

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – non woven bag factory

it’s estimated that if it’s made now, it’s a little late. It’s better to concentrate on marketing!! As for machines, the current three-dimensional all-in-one machine is about 500000! You can consider buying!! In terms of printing, in addition to silk screen printing, there are gravure printing and film coated bags. You can have a try!

if you want to use a full-automatic bag making machine on a larger scale, you also need a printing machine. If you want to use an ultrasonic embossing machine, spot welder, cutting machine, screen printing, etc. on a smaller scale, you should decide according to your own needs

tell me which county you are in. It is not very recommended to buy a complete set of equipment rashly under the condition of limited capital. According to your question, you basically don’t know much about this industry. It’s not recommended to invest rashly. The profit of this industry is very low, especially OEM. Therefore, the businessmen in Cangnan basically want to do this business. They only buy the equipment of one or two processes. The workers are paid piece by piece, and there is no need to support people. Other process equipment is processed by others, so as to save plants and equipment. For others, I suggest you ask more people around you first to give you more detailed suggestions. Because we don’t have much business in the world, it’s probably useless for you to face the county. The profit itself is very low.

this is what I do. Now there are more than 50 people in the factory, including full-automatic cross cutting machine, bag making machine and slitting machine, including silk screen printing machine, full-automatic handle ironing machine, lace machine and computer pattern machine. I have invested about 500000 yuan. I have been doing it for 6 years. All the money I earn in these years has been invested in the machine. If you start, you also need to buy Sewing machine. Now the competition is fierce, the machine is backward, the cost is high, and the investment is large, Less output, if you have economic strength, you can try. If you only face the county, there is no market, the profit is too low, and you can’t even pay the salary. It’s hard to recruit sewing workers and manage them.

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