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What are the advantages of liquid filling machine?

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first of all, the liquid filling machine can be used for filling a variety of materials. If we need to fill products such as juice, soy sauce, vinegar, medicine, toilet water, etc., we only need to adjust the machine according to the product model, and then fill it. The filling capacity can be adjusted according to the needs of customers

secondly, the operation of liquid filling machine is simple and convenient. The liquid filling machine does not need special technical training. Just press the start button and the machine can operate. However, we should still pay attention to details and safety, which are very important. As long as you understand the instructions, you can operate the liquid filling machine

thirdly, the maintenance is convenient. Generally, foreign machines need to be repaired by professionals, which requires training, because the machines are controlled by computer programs. The maintenance of the liquid filling machine is simple. The general personnel who understand the packaging machinery can repair it, which saves a lot of time and reduces trouble

finally, liquid filling machines are cheap. Liquid filling machine is a kind of mechanical equipment with high cost performance. Its scale varies from large to small. Large manufacturers can use liquid filling production line; Small manufacturers can use a single filling machine with different models. They follow the popular development route, which is generally acceptable. Liquid filling machine is widely used, not only these advantages, but also many, many. Again, we don’t introduce liquid filling machines one by one. There are liquid filling machines in daily chemical industry, food industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and so on. I hope you can enter the filling machine manufacturer and choose your favorite filling machine equipment

safety and health. Many liquids belong to the industrial or food industry. If manual filling is adopted, many hygiene aspects cannot be controlled when people contact materials, but it is much more convenient to use equipment, which can be directly cleaned and disinfected

speed. The speed of liquid filling machine is relatively fast. According to different materials and equipment recommendations, the speed can reach 10000 bottles per hour. It is difficult to achieve this by labor. Unless a lot of manpower is used, the labor cost will rise a lot

accuracy. The accuracy of manual filling is difficult to control, and the quantitative error of equipment is generally about 1%

dy series filling machine is a semi-automatic piston filling machine. A piston is driven by the cylinder to extract and eject materials. The flow direction of materials is controlled by a single valve, and the stroke of the cylinder is controlled by a magnetic spring switch to adjust the filling volume

voltage; 220V
current: 1A
Power: 10W
rated air pressure: 0.5-0.6mpa
filling speed: 10-25 bottles /min
filling accuracy: 1-2% the semi-automatic piston single head liquid filling machine produced by our company is based on the filling machine series produced by our company, which has been further transformed and innovated by introducing foreign filling machine technology, with simpler and more reasonable structure and high accuracy, It is easy to operate and is an ideal choice for your filling equipment

advantages of liquid filling machine:

accurate filling. According to the control of flowmeter, the filling capacity is guaranteed.

the equipment is modular design and fashionable appearance

intelligent control of equipment, simple operation

exquisite equipment design, convenient cleaning and maintenance

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