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What are the art majors

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you can first go to the [painting /art] website to find the [free] video tutorial in the “painting /Art” section – [Click to enter] the complete introduction to the proficient video tutorial list: /course //? Zdhhr-11y17r-

among the training institutions in the field of “painting /Art”, Wang’s education is the largest in China, and there are no affiliated campuses. They are all chain campuses directly operated by the headquarters. Unlike many other large institutions of the same type, Wang’s education is taught face-to-face in each campus. The teachers teach hand-in-hand, and there are special head teachers who stare from morning to night. The liver explosion learning mode will improve quickly, which is especially suitable for students with poor foundation

you can download the [huaxueba] app to your mobile phone first to facilitate fragment time learning – huaxueba app Download: /scripts /download

Hello, classmate, in addition to the more common art modeling (sculpture, calligraphy, etc.) and art education, you can also focus on Art Design:
art design is a kind of conception or plan, and the creative process of visualizing and visualizing this conception or plan through certain aesthetic views and expression techniques. One of the main characteristics is [originality]. In the design of college entrance examination, students are required to have certain modeling ability, imagination, picture processing ability and color design ability

the art design examination is still a trendy subject in China. According to incomplete statistics, there were about 600000 art candidates in China in 2019. Only one fifth of the candidates had been exposed to design, while only 7% of the candidates had received formal design learning and training. Unlike other art examinations, the competition pressure of the design examination is very small
in 2019, 18 colleges and universities across the country opened the design examination, with a total enrollment of about 9255 people and a total number of 37020-46275 certificates issued. Among the 600000 art candidates, only 42000 competed for the examination, so the probability of obtaining the certificate is more than 90%, and the line crossing rate is very high

Art Design covers a wide range, mainly including: graphic design, environmental art, industrial design, fashion design, advertising design, drama art design and architectural design (these seven categories basically include all design industries)

in the demand for art talents in the job market, modeling majors (calligraphy, sculpture, etc.) account for only 20%, and design majors account for 80%, It can be seen that the employment prospect of design major is very broad:
(1) visual communication direction
(2) environmental art design
(3) art design
(4) product design
(5) industrial design
(6) digital media art
(7) photography
(8) animation
(9) fashion design
(10) jewelry design, etc

there are many majors related to art, such as:

1. Architectural design

according to statistics, architectural designer is one of the 100 most promising occupations, with an annual salary of about 100000-400000. Although China’s real estate has been in a downturn in recent years, it is undeniable that real estate is still outstanding in many economic fields

if you want to design a perfect building, you can’t do anything without a good art foundation. Especially now, with the improvement of people’s aesthetics, the pursuit of architectural beauty will be higher and higher. Even some architectural design majors in Colleges and universities have moved from science and engineering to art, so today’s architectural designer is a highly artistic career

2. Landscape design

with the development of society and the rapid promotion of urban construction and environmental construction in China, the demand for landscape designers is also increasing. At present, there are tens of thousands of designers engaged in this work, but after all, the number of landscape design professionals graduated in China is limited, so the supply of talents in this field is still in short supply, which leads to the absolute popularity of landscape design in employment

however, it should be noted that although landscape design is popular and the annual salary is not low, at present, the main employment distribution is in big cities, especially in some developed cities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Therefore, careful consideration should be taken when choosing to develop cities after graduation

3. Interior design major

Interior design is also one of the popular majors selected by art students. This kind of specialty has a large market demand and is particularly popular. It is called “golden Gray Collar” by people in the industry. Moreover, the annual salary of a competent interior designer is about 200000-300000 yuan, which is popular and well paid. Art students, are you interested in such a major

4. Game original design specialty

with the rise of the Internet, the demand for computer games is also increasing. The increase in the types and number of games also makes the majors of game original painting design, art special effects and game art very popular. After graduating from this major, art students will not only earn a high salary, but also find a lot of fun in the process of work

5. Art major

with the development of economy, the employment market of art major is gradually warming up, and the demand for talents is also increasing. Curators, art editors, independent designers and other professions are becoming more and more popular. At present, the culture and art industry is also booming. It seems good for art students to choose this major

expanding materials:

Art: refers to the creation of art that occupies a certain plane or space and has visibility, which is called art

it is divided into many categories, generally including four categories: sculpture, painting, design and architecture. Some modern scholars have also summarized other into the main categories, such as calligraphy, photography and so on

the term “art” first appeared in Europe in the 17th century, and some people think it officially appeared in the middle of the 18th century. The free translation of Chinese characters in Modern Japan was introduced into China before and after the May 4th Movement and began to be widely used

concept: let art integrate into life, thinking, soul and live in the present

majors related to art include:

1, pure art

painting, oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, printmaking, sculpture, etc

2. Design majors

architectural design, landscape design, dance beauty design, textile design, film and television animation, fashion design, indoor and outdoor design, environmental art design, web design, computer art design, decoration design, industrial design, game design, graphic design, advertising design, ceramics, photography, film and television editing and directing, radio and television art Radio and television technology, digital media art, network media art, animation technology, animation art, game art design, cartoon art, commercial photography, film and television photography, etc

3. Other relevant

Art Major, art education major, etc

expansion materials:

Art Majors belong to art majors. To obtain art majors, you need to take the art college entrance examination. Art college entrance examination refers to learning art majors and participating in the general college entrance examination. The art college entrance examination is different from the ordinary college entrance examination. It not only needs to learn cultural courses, but also needs to learn art professional courses. The score of cultural courses required by the art college entrance examination is relatively low, and most of t
he admitted institutions are art colleges, including 211 Engineering Colleges, ordinary undergraduate colleges and junior colleges

As a spiritual thing, art is a branch of culture and an important part of the whole national culture. It is as indispensable as material life. Since the reform and opening up, people have not only significantly improved their material living standards, but also realized the importance of art. At present, with the assistance of the state and driven by the market, it is very necessary for colleges and universities to set up art majors to cultivate more art talents for the society. From the background of economic development, the government also pays more and more attention to the development of cultural industry. The employment and development of art candidates are still full of potential in the future

main disciplines: Art and pedagogy

main courses: Chinese and foreign art history, introduction to art, outline of Chinese and foreign painting theory, ancient philology and ancient Chinese, basis of art archaeology, introduction to calligraphy and painting identification, basis of art and photography

main practical teaching links: including painting and sketching, photography and darkroom operation, investigation of modern art relics and professional practice in museums

institutions offering animation majors include China University of Geosciences, China Academy of fine arts, Beijing Film Academy, etc

extended materials:

Art graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1. Fully understand and master the professional basic theory and knowledge of art

2. Expound the law of art development by using the basic methods of dialectical materialism and historical materialism

3. Have good artistic appreciation ability, logical thinking ability, comprehensive analysis and research ability and theoretical expression ability

4. Understand and pay attention to the theoretical trend and cutting-edge topics of fine arts

5. Master the basic methods of literature retrieval and data query, and have definite scientific research ability and practical work ability


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