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What are the common printing techniques for packing boxes

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I. combined gift box packaging

combined packaging is mostly used in gift box packaging. This packaging form includes both single packaging and medium packaging. It is characterized by high value but high cost

II. Windowed carton packaging

this form of packaging box is commonly used in toys, food and other products. The feature of this structure is that it can make consumers know the product at a glance and increase the credibility of the commodity. Generally, the part opening the window is supplemented with transparent materials

III. variable form carton packaging

variable form carton printing pursues the interest and variability of structure. It is often suitable for some lively products, such as snacks, candy, toys, etc. This structure is more complex and manual, but the display effect is good. Of course, the price is also proportional to it

IV. portable carton packaging

this form of carton is commonly used in gift box packaging, which is easy to carry. However, pay attention to whether the volume, weight, material and handle structure of the product are equivalent, so as to avoid damage to consumers during use

v. socket carton packaging

this is the most commonly used carton form with simple shape, simple process and low cost. For example, this structure is mostly used in common wholesale packaging

VI. drawer carton packaging

this packaging form is similar to the shape of drawer. The box cover and box body are supported by two pieces of paper, with firm structure and easy to use for many times. The common ones are the packing box of oral liquid, chocolate, and so on

I. monochrome printing in a printing process, only one ink color is printed on the paper, which is called monochrome printing A printing process refers to the one-time feeding and receiving of paper on the printing press
2. Multicolor printing in a printing process, printing two or more ink colors on the substrate is called multicolor printing. Generally, it refers to the printing that reproduces the original color with yellow (y), magenta (m), cyan (c) and black (BK) ink
at present, four-color printing is generally used in the market (also known as “see the four-color printing machine drawing”). For some spot color prints, such as line charts, lists, maps, etc., it is necessary to use yellow, magenta and cyan primary inks to allocate specific colors or supply spot color inks by ink manufacturers for printing.

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