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What are the daily chemical brands?

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overlord, Guangzhou Houdi, dihuazhixiu, LiBai, Diao Pai, etc

1. Bawang shampoo is a high-quality shampoo and hair care product developed by “traditional Chinese medicine family”. On July 3, 2009, Overlord International (Group) Holdings Limited was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange, becoming the first global Chinese herbal medicine daily chemical enterprise listed in Hong Kong. Its stock name is overlord group and its code is 01338

2. Guangzhou Houdi Cosmetics Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is a large private cosmetics production enterprise, mainly producing more than 80 varieties of products in several series, such as shampoo, hair care, skin care, cleaning and children

3. Tihuazhixiu is a powerful daily chemical brand under Guangdong Mingchen Co., Ltd., and its trademark is recognized as “China’s well-known trademark” by the State Administration for Industry and commerce. As a “professional washing and care expert” in the eyes of Chinese consumers, tihuazhixiu has been constantly adapting to the development and changes of the times, improving itself, relying on high-tech R & D technology, constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth the new, and its products sell well in the market

4. “Libai” is the largest brand of Libai group, and as a leading brand in the field of washing products in China, ā€¯Libai “has the largest sales volume of washing powder and detergent in China, as well as the leading sales volume of washing soap, washing liquid and small liquid washing products in China. According to the international authoritative AC Nielsen data, Libai washing powder has the largest sales volume in China, accounting for 25% of the national market share.

5. Naais group is a manufacturer specializing in washing and oral care products. Its predecessor was the local state-owned” Lishui Wuqi chemical plant “established in 1968, It was restructured into a joint-stock company at the end of 1993. The group was established in December 2001. Nays has made great progress in the reform and opening up. Since 1994, it has completed various economic indicators and ranked first in the national industry for 11 consecutive years

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P & G Unilever nays junior nurse, Sibao, Dabao Johnson & Johnson haijiahua overlord Yunnan Baiyao

domestic brands include: Shulei, Fengying, piaoying, Overlord, chasing the wind, Guangzhou Houdi, bee flower, dihuazhixiu, LiBai, Diao Pai, Oriental flower, six gods, etc.
non domestic brands include: A. P & G’s: Piao Rou, haifeisi, panting, shaxuan, icalu, Pampers, hushubao, Duoduo, Shufujia, Olay, Yulan condensate, kamel, jinbawang, (taster food), crest Oule B, tide, Bilang, Lannuo, Gillette, etc.
B. Unilever’s products: xiashilian, Qingyang, lux, Ogilvy, Zhonghua (toothpaste)

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