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What are the functions and advantages of metal packing boxes

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functions and advantages of metal packaging box production:
tinplate has better barrier, gas barrier, moisture resistance, light shielding and fragrance retention than any other materials. In addition, it is firmly sealed, which can better protect the product. The metal material printing function is good, the picture trademark is gorgeous and beautiful, and the packaging container made is obvious to all. It is an excellent sales packaging. The metal packing box can be made into various shapes according to different needs, such as round, oval, square, horseshoe, trapezoid, etc., which not only meets the packaging needs of different products, but also makes the packaging container more changed and won the favor of a wide range of consumers

the metal packaging box is exquisite and beautiful, with its own metallic luster. Coupled with the colorful graphic printing, it adds the beauty of the product and makes the packaging level high. When giving gifts, consumers usually choose the products packaged in metal cans
metal packing boxes are green and environment-friendly. Tin cans can be reused or recycled for reprocessing. Recycling is a very environmentally friendly packaging. It not only recovers capital, saves power, but also eliminates environmental pollution. Even if it is scattered in the soil after corrosion, it will not have a bad impact on the environment. The metal packing box has good cleanliness, because it uses appropriate ink printing, so that it can also meet the food requirements in terms of cleaning.

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