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What are the interesting packaging designs of Pepsi Cola?

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there are mainly four packaging models in 2019 and three in 2020:

1. The cooperation with spider man films is limited. Buy Coke and get movie tickets
2. The “heart” packaging with the theme of “full opening of heat” in 2019

3, and cross links with Vaseline, lipstick can be super cute. (PepsiCo doesn’t make its own packaging)

4. Leopard print cans and Wang Jiaer replace salt, followed by snow salt Caramel coke on the packaging

5. Limited cooperation cans with Star Wars films

6. The year of the rat packaging can is full of all kinds of lovely Jerry

7. It seems that the theme cans with full heat are also on the market this year. Some are related to sports and some are related to food. There are more ways to play than last year

9. The best is the recently launched national style pot, Pepsi blue + osmanthus gold, full of national style and noble spirit;

I think PepsiCo has a lot of interesting packages
in 2017, PepsiCo cooperated with DC Comics to design cans with the role of justice alliance. The characters are assembled with corner pixels and need to be unlocked through small games. It’s quite interesting
in 2018, PepsiCo launched j-cola in Japan. The packaging is designed with harmony, and the advertising films are obviously crowded and the scene is huge
the 2019 American Super Bowl special football bottle is very American and special
in 2020 # Pepsi’s flavor of Guangxi style # Taiqi series osmanthus flavor of national style pot, classic Pepsi blue bottom, full of Chinese osmanthus, blue gold color matching has the feeling of Chinese colored glaze; This has just been online recently. Many cute kids have started to clock in.

what impresses me most is the leopard print packaging with snow salt caramel flavor. When I first came out, I was a little incompetent to accept it. Although the new product advocates the concept of # natural leopard style #, I still want to know the relationship between snow salt caramel and leopard print. I can’t figure out why a quiet flavor should be matched with a wild packaging

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