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What are the main features of blister packaging machine?

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blister packaging machine is mainly used for the molding of various plastic products, and the automatic welding of blisters or blisters of different shapes, medical bag welded pipes. It is suitable for double-sided blister welding of PVC, PS, pet, APET, PETG, etc. (environmental protection materials can be fused but not cut), blister and paper card sealing, environmental protection APET film folding box, paper card and paper card sealing, special material sealing, and soft wire indentation
Yixin blister packaging machine has automatic turntable device; PLC man-machine interface operating system; Six work stations, one out of six molds; Hydraulic device with air pressure of 1-36 tons; Nl-5557 spark sensitive circuit device; Complete welding and cutting at the same time with accurate position; The edges of paper cards and shrinkable plastic products are cut smoothly and beautifully.

the high frequency bubble shell packaging machine is designed with four station turntable and equipped with automatic mechanical reclaimer and automatic paper card placing manipulator. It is commonly used for the welding of PVC, pet, PETG, APET, gag and other packaging materials. This four station high frequency bubble shell packaging machine can also be customized according to the output demand for six station structure, color, size, power supply, three-phase five wire system (three-phase wire + neutral wire + ground wire) 380 VAC, which can be customized


four station high frequency bubble packaging machine

advantages of high frequency bubble packaging machine:

1 The high cycle bubble shell packaging machine adopts the drag box structure design, and the high cycle output is stable, which is convenient for daily operation and maintenance

2. Double mechanical reclaimers to improve product and quality

3 High precision automatic turntable is made of 10mm aluminum plate by laser cutting

4. The front and rear door panels of the machine adopt door support structure, which can be opened freely and convenient for maintenance

5. Intermittent separator is adopted for rotary table positioning to ensure the accuracy of disc positioning

6. The C-type head of the high frequency bubble shell packaging machine adopts 25 mm cold-rolled steel plate, and the main frame adopts A3 steel plate and square pass

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