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What are the main materials of food packaging boxes?

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(I) white cardboard: base pulp paper, high-grade packaging paper, white on both sides, no sandwich in the middle, fine luster on the front, slightly rough on the back, good printing and folding resistance, good stiffness and hardness

main purpose: carton packaging, such as medicine packaging box, exquisite handbag, medium and high-grade food packaging carton

(II) gray board paper

also known as coated paper or white board paper, semi recycled paper, medium and low-grade packaging paper, with smooth white on the front and rough gray or light gray on the back. Printing resistance, folding resistance, stiffness and hardness are slightly inferior to white cardboard

main uses: ordinary food packaging cartons, corrugated boxes and ordinary handbags

(III) white background: it is a kind of packaging paper between white card boxes and gray cards. It is to machine coat the back of gray card paper with a layer of white paper, and the amount of paper is less
(IV) coated paper
coated paper is a high-grade printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint

it is mainly used for printing covers and illustrations, color pictures, various exquisite commodity advertisements, samples, commodity packaging, trademarks, etc. of high-grade books and periodicals

Hebei Baijiu custom manufacturer Jixin packaging is mainly used for the gift box, face pack, gift box hanging noodles, high-grade liquor packaging box paper, high-grade cosmetics box packaging paper, high-grade health care products packaging box paper

(five) corrugated paper
corrugated paper is made of hanging corrugated paper and corrugated corrugated paper forming corrugated paper, which is generally divided into two types, single corrugated cardboard and double corrugated paperboard. According to the size of corrugated, it can be divided into five types: A, B, C, e and F

Hebei gift box customization manufacturer Jixin packaging commonly used three-layer e-edge, which is mainly used for customized food packaging, apple gift box, aircraft box, edible oil gift box, New Year gift box, food packing box, gift packaging, wine and beverage packaging

(VI) gray paperboard

gray paperboard is produced from a kind of recycled waste paper. The products are divided into single gray (single white), double gray and full gray, which belong to environmental protection packaging materials. Main uses: packaging box, advertising board, folder, photo frame back plate, luggage, hardcover books, storage box, sample, lining plate, partition, etc

1. Quantitative refers to the weight per unit area of paper, expressed in g /m2, that is, the gram weight of one square meter of face paper
2. Thickness is the thickness of paper. The unit of measurement is usually expressed in mm

1.5mm 1.8mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm
1000 grams 1150 grams 1250 grams 1500 grams 1750 grams

Hebei gift box customization manufacturer Jixin packaging is mainly used for wine packaging, high-grade tea packaging, high-grade gift packaging Packaging boxes for high-end health products

food packaging boxes, gift packaging, wine and beverage packaging, handbags and other packaging boxes
(VI) special paper
special paper has a wide variety, which is a general term for all kinds of special-purpose paper or art paper. Now sellers generally refer to embossed paper and other art paper as special paper, mainly to simplify the confusion of terms caused by a wide variety of varieties

VII) Kraft liners
generally brown, with many kinds, It can be divided into ordinary Kraft linerboard, single-sided Kraft linerboard, coated kraft linerboard, vermicelli Kraft linerboard and double-sided Kraft linerboard

the most commonly used coated kraft linerboard is generally white on one side and kraft colored on the other, ranging from 175g to 450g

the concept of kraft linerboard and kraft linerboard is the same. The thin one is called Kraft linerboard and the thick one is called Kraft linerboard. Generally, the paper below 120g is called kraft paper, the paper above 120g is called kraft paper, and then up is cardboard

Hebei gift box customization manufacturer Jixin packaging is mainly used for handbag customization, paper bags, kraft paper handbags, takeout handbags and gift bags

eight) sulfuric acid paper has the characteristics of pure paper, high strength, good transparency, no distortion, light resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-aging and so on.

nine) offset paper and writing paper: used for printing low and medium grade instructions. Both sides are relatively flat and matte white

IX) gold and silver card paper uses UV transfer technology to apply a layer of UV oil on the paper surface through blanket, and then transfer the light column film or special pattern to the printing paper through roller
Hebei gift box customization manufacturer Jixin packaging is mainly used for wine packaging box, high-grade tea packaging, high-grade gift packaging box, high-grade health care product packaging box, etc

food packaging boxes are generally made of white card, film, food grade, or pet plastic, tinplate, etc. Depending on your design, packaging needs and the applicability of the product, choose the appropriate packaging material

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