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What are the main processes of green packaging design?

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green packaging design is based on the concept of environmental protection. In its design, we need to consider the requirements of consumables and recycling of packaging materials. These aspects need to be reflected in the product design process. How can we form a practical overall pattern of green packaging design process? This paper mainly explains the main design process of green packaging from four aspects: the structure of green packaging design, the function of green packaging design, the cycle and evaluation of green packaging
I. from the perspective of structure, the design process of green packaging
the structural design of green packaging is mainly to make the packaging structure more scientific, practical and beautiful. At this level, first of all, carefully determine the basic concept of product attributes, and consider how to improve the impact of products on the environment under its framework. In the design process, we should analyze not only the functional structure of products, but also the material structure of products. In terms of functional structure:
1. Clarify the form, volume, category, attribute and transportation scope of the packaged goods, analyze and determine the structural function of the main body of the packaged products or the function of accessories, and further clarify the purpose of the packaged products
2. Analyze the overall structure and function of packaging design, and consider whether relevant functions can be combined or the number of accessories can be reduced, and whether the materials are used most reasonably
3. Whether it can save materials and reduce volume and weight. In terms of material structure: (1) the properties of packaging materials are the same as the packaging purpose, and the configuration is reasonable; 4. Analyze the material composition, detachability and practical effect of the product as a whole; (3) Try to reduce the number of material types in the same packaging products for classification and recycling
Second, from the perspective of function, the design process of green packaging
in order to make the use purpose of the product more reasonable, the design of green packaging needs to reflect its functionality. The basic idea is to analyze the functions of products in detail to determine what are the most basic functional characteristics, and further evaluate whether the realization of these functions consumes less materials and energy and causes the minimum load on the environment. The design process is as follows:
1. Quantitatively define the functional value of the product and identify the basic parameters corresponding to the functional value
2. List the objectives and theoretical and practical measurement parameters for the specific functions of packaging products
3. Evaluate the material and energy consumption of each functional unit and analyze based on theoretical and practical measurement parameters, so as to study whether these functions can be realized with less material and energy consumption
4. Compare new packaging products with reference products and optimize new product design and development countermeasures
III. from the perspective of cycle, the design process of green packaging
the design of green packaging needs to consider the cycle periodicity, so as to make an overall description of resource consumption and environmental load in the whole product cycle. The human body design method is as follows:
1. Establish the operation framework of the cycle of packaging products
2. List the total consumption of packaging materials and evaluate the energy consumption in the state of raw materials
3. Measure the energy consumption of packaging products during transportation and use, and measure the recycling rate of recycled materials in packaging products
4. Measure the quantity of final waste of packaging products
IV. The design process of green packaging also depends on the evaluation of packaging
the constituent elements and social ecological elements of packaging products are the main evaluation index system of green packaging design. The evaluation of the constituent elements of products refers to: 1) decompose the packaged products into relatively independent parts and briefly describe their manufacturing process; 2) Analyze and evaluate the possible environmental problems and health damage caused by the production process of each part; 3) Adopt special manufacturing process for the parts that may have pollution problems, or replace the parts with harmful pollution through rationalized product function and structure. The evaluation of ecological elements mainly refers to: 1) environmental attribute indicators, that is, indicators related to the environment within the safety cycle of packaging products, mainly including air pollution indicators, liquid pollution indicators, solid pollution indicators and noise pollution indicators. 2) Resource attribute indicators, i.e. material resource indicators, design resource indicators, information resource indicators and human resource indicators used in the product cycle. 3) Energy attribute indicators refer to the utilization rate consumed by green packaging products and energy consumption for recycling and treatment. For the above evaluation elements and indicators, on the one hand, evaluate with reference to the current environmental protection standards, industry standards and relevant policies and regulations. On the other hand, take the existing products and related technologies as a reference and evaluate them through comparison
the above four methods can make the design process of green packaging more comprehensive and standardized, and provide a reliable guarantee for the development of green packaging design.

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