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What are the potential safety hazards of food packaging

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hidden dangers of food packaging materials
(1) hidden dangers of packaging materials themselves
at present, there are many food containers and packaging materials allowed in China, and different types of materials may bring different hidden dangers. Plastic is one of the most widely used food packaging materials. Its harm mainly comes from the residual toxic monomers and lysates in the products. Paper products are also a kind of traditional food packaging materials. The raw materials for producing food packaging paper may not be clean, and there are pollution problems such as heavy metals and pesticide residues. Even recycled waste paper is used as raw materials, resulting in chemical residues and microbial pollution. The rubber products often used as the liner of food packaging materials may have the potential harm of exudation of synthetic rubber monomers or processing aids. In addition, toxic metal ions may be precipitated from metal packaging materials, silica may be dissolved from glass materials, and metal oxides may also be dissolved from the enamel of ceramic packaging
(2) illegal addition of various processing aids in the production process
the non-standard production of packaging materials or containers is also one of the main reasons for potential food safety hazards. Now the vast majority of food enterprises do not allow packaging enterprises to mark their products, which makes consumers unable to recognize the “origin” of packaging. Because consumers cannot supervise, food enterprises often decide to buy various processing additives based on whether the cost is low, resulting in hidden dangers of food safety. For example, plastics are high molecular polymers, which are formed by the polymerization of monomers under appropriate conditions and the action of initiators. In order to improve the processing performance of plastics and the service performance of finished products, plasticizers, antistatic agents, smooth opening agents, heat stabilizers and other processing aids should be added in the process of making finished products. Plastic monomers and processing aids are low molecular compounds. Under certain medium and temperature conditions, they will dissolve from plastics and transfer to food, so as to pollute food and endanger human health
(3) pollution caused by packaging and printing
ink is an indispensable basic material for packaging and printing, and it is also one of the main sources of food pollution. Traditional packaging printing inks mainly include resin type and solvent type. There are harmful substances such as heavy metals, organic volatiles and solvent residues when printing with these two inks.

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