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What are the printing and packaging material markets in Shanghai?

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What are the printing and packaging material markets in Shanghai? A little influential, about the location?

Shanghai International Packaging and printing city is a packaging and printing central business district with the latest concept, the largest scale, the highest positioning, the most complete functions and the best service in China. It is a large
integrated production and marketing industrial base with China Packaging Technology Association as the general director of the project and Shanghai Packaging Technology Association as the professional guide. The project is located in Putuo District, Shanghai, which enjoys the reputation of “west gate of Shanghai”. It covers a total area of 600 mu. It is planned uniformly and developed in three phases. Phase I covers an area of 83 mu, with a construction area of 85000 square meters. It has a large-area frame modern exhibition area and a high-grade, spacious and bright modern business office area. It is the central business district of the whole city and the first industrial CBD in China; Phase II is a garden type modern standard workshop; Phase III is high-end residential configuration. It is listed as a key construction project of Shanghai Putuo District People’s government, and it is also a landmark project of “one district and one industry” industrial planning project of Shanghai Municipal People’s government
the project planning adheres to the concept of “sustainable development and brand management”. After more than 2 years of market research and design, it is planned to be 12 functional centers: Mechanical Equipment Exhibition Center, raw and auxiliary materials exhibition center, education and training center, information network center, e-commerce center, convention and Exhibition Center, packaging logistics center, business office center, scientific research and design center, business development center, financial service center Packaging test center. The “Shanghai International Packaging and Printing City Management Committee” was established to provide sustainable business planning and property management for the project. Through the shortest production and marketing process and the maximization of value-added services, the enterprise cost is minimized, the economic benefit and brand value are maximized, and the “economies of scale” are truly realized. It has become the first window and trade platform for industry brand accumulation and international packaging and printing real-time communication after China’s accession to the WTO, so as to create a brand aircraft carrier for China’s packaging and printing industry — the “China Packaging Silicon Valley” in the 21st century

address: No. 1111, Zhennan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
postal code: 200331

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