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What are the printing methods of packing boxes

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direct printing: a printing method in which the ink of the graphic part of the printing plate is directly transferred to the surface of the substrate

indirect printing: the printing method in which the ink of the graphic part on the printing plate is transmitted through the intermediate carrier

sheet fed printing: printing with sheet fed paper or other sheet fed materials as the substrate

roll printing: printing with roll paper or other roll materials as the substrate

monochrome printing: in a printing process, only one ink color is printed on the substrate

multicolor printing: in one printing process, two or more ink colors are printed on the substrate

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I. offset printing
the vast majority of books, magazines, picture albums and packaging color boxes are offset printing products
offset printing is a kind of lithographic printing. Very simply speaking, offset printing is a printing method that transfers the pictures and texts on the printing plate to the substrate with the help of rubber (blanket), that is, a lithographic printing method with three rollers (printing plate, blanket and embossing). In the south of China, this printing method is called offset printing
II. Gravure printing
plastic bag products are generally gravure printing
intaglio printing has full ink color, three-dimensional feeling, convex image and text, rich levels, clear lines, high quality and long printing plate life, which is suitable for large-scale printing. Gravure printing can print very thin materials, such as plastic film
the main disadvantages of gravure printing are: complex prepress plate making technology, long cycle and high plate making cost; Due to the use of volatile solvents, the content of harmful gases in the workshop is high, causing great damage to the health of workers; Gravure printing practitioners require relatively high treatment
gravure plate making is complex and expensive, and ink pollutes the environment. These two problems affect the development of gravure printing. In particular, with the reduction of a large number of prints and the increase of short version prints requiring low prices, gravure printing continues to lose the market
III. flexo printing
the most common logistics packaging corrugated boxes are flexo printing products
flexographic printing evolved from relief printing. Flexographic printing is a direct printing method. It is called flexographic printing because of the use of elastic and convex image printing plates. The flexographic plate is adhered to the plate cylinder, and the plate is supplied with ink by an engraved metal anilox roller
flexographic direct printing has the following characteristics:
(1) large format. The maximum width of wide flexographic printing press can reach 2.5m ~ 2.8m
(2) low price. Flexo has high printing resistance and can be reused; Ink prices are also low
(3) linkage production can be realized, such as printing, slotting, indentation, ordering (gluing) boxes, baling, etc
(4) the strength of cartons decreases less. Because flexo printing is light pressure printing, it has little effect on the strength of corrugated board
(5) the printing accuracy is not high. The number of screen lines for conventional offset printing is 175 lines /inch, while the number of screen lines for flexographic cartons is 35 lines /inch ~ 65 lines /inch. It is a low-precision printing method and is most suitable for printing text line manuscripts. Although the printing quality of four-color images has improved in recent years, it is still limited
IV. silk screen printing
silk screen printing is the closest printing method to our life. The common local UV is screen printing. According to the thickness of the screen, ink accumulation can be formed, which has a very good three-dimensional feeling; Silk screen printing is also widely used in self-adhesive label printing.

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