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What are the professional logistics solutions?

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this includes too many. Now the often said third-party logistics has no accurate definition, including logistics planning, logistics warehousing, logistics distribution, and even packaging planning and production can be transformed into third-party logistics. Of course, there is also the traditional meaning. The freight forwarding business of Shanghai transportation and air transportation can be said to be the third-party logistics
similarly, the logistics solution can be the scheme design of the above processes. I don’t know whether this is helpful to you.

vernacular expressions are collectively referred to as two kinds:
1 The logistics company makes a customized logistics plan according to your needs, on the premise that you are an important VIP guest
2. The process formulated by the logistics company according to the needs of the public and the business model of its own company, that is, the general logistics solution
FES transaction chain friendly reminder!

specific logistics mode (self built logistics or third-party logistics), cost, time, expected effect, etc

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