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What are the regulations on the reduction of the new national standard of express packaging?

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on February 6, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Administration issued 291 national standards, and a series of national standards for express packaging products were also issued

saving some materials per unit product may be insignificant, but it is of great and practical significance in terms of the express industry, which has an annual scale of 40 billion pieces and is still expanding. How to realize the reduction, the standard has made provisions in four aspects:

first, it reduces the quantitative requirements of express envelope paper. Reduce the quantity of raw materials of express envelope from 250g and 300g per square meter to no less than 200g, a decrease of more than 20%

Second, the minimum thickness requirement of plastic film express packaging bags was reduced from 0.06mm in the old national standard to 0.03mm, a decrease of 50%

Third, there are no regulations on the selection of single and double corrugated paper materials for express packaging boxes. On the premise of ensuring the safety of express delivery, as long as the materials meet the indicators of burst resistance, edge pressure and puncture strength, we can promote the application of low quantitative and high-strength raw materials in the express industry

Fourth, the quantitative requirements of air cushion film express packaging bags and plastic woven cloth express packaging bags are reduced. The standard research unit has also roughly calculated the business volume and scale of last year. If the proportion of express envelopes that meet the requirements of the new national standard is increased by 1 percentage point, 6400 tons of paper products can be saved, which means that a lot of wood will be saved; For every 1 percentage point increase in the proportion of express packaging bags that meet the requirements of the new national standard, 4200 tons of oil can be saved. In addition, from the test and practical application, the reduction of materials can also meet the needs of the whole process of express service

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