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What are the specialties of Qingdao that can be taken away?

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All kinds, especially snacks like snacks… They can be packed and taken away

1. Lingshan island sea cucumber

details: when it comes to Qingdao, it must be inseparable from seafood. Sea cucumber is also one of the most representative delicacies here. Lingshan island sea cucumber is also the most famous and high-quality variety

2. Laoshan green tea

Laoshan in Qingdao is a tea producing resort. The natural environment here is good, so it also has the title of “little Jiangnan in the north”. The most famous here is green tea, which has a pleasant taste and complete color, aroma, taste, shape and shape

3. Pingdu peanut

Pingdu’s crops are very famous in the country. The flowers here are produced in a pure natural and pollution-free way and belong to high-quality green food

4. Dazeshan grape

Dazeshan is the region with the largest grape production in Shandong Province. It is also known as “hometown of grapes”. There are more than 100 grape varieties, which are not only popular at home, but also exported to overseas countries

5. Laixi big chestnut

Laixi big chestnut has always been very famous in China. It has excellent quality, large size, good growth, special plump fruit and is very delicious

6. Baoshan Apple

Baoshan, Qingdao has a very good natural environment. It is basically hilly, with large temperature difference between day and night and sufficient light, so the quality of apples is particularly good


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Qingdao’s specialties are:

Laoshan tea: the traditional Laoshan tea series is mainly divided into three categories: Laoshan green tea, Laoshan carnation tea and Laoshan jade bamboo tea. Laoshan green tea: green mountains and blue sea, surrounded by clouds, humid air, fertile land and excellent water quality, it has unique natural conditions. Laoshan tea grows slowly, with thick buds and thick leaves, which are resistant to brewing. The climate in Laoshan area is warm and humid, the light is strong, and the frost period is longer than that in the south. In addition, the temperature difference between day and night is large, the growth and development of tea trees is slow, and there is sufficient time to accumulate nutrients. Therefore, Laoshan tea is rich in nutrients, including a large number of polyphenols, caffeine, aromatic substances, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and other ingredients beneficial to human health. Drinking Laoshan green tea has the effects of exciting and relieving fatigue, relieving thirst and detoxification, promoting blood circulation, softening blood vessels, clearing the heart and brightening the eyes. Laoshan carnation tea: it is processed by baking and frying Laoshan carnation. The book name of Laoshan Shizhu is Qu Mai. It is a pure wild herb. It generally grows in the rock crevices of the cliff in the south of Laoshan, so it is called Laoshan Shizhu. Laoshan Yuzhu tea: Laoshan Yuzhu is longer than the shady place in the north of Laoshan. It can only be found where the sun can’t shine. The attribute of traditional Chinese medicine is Yin. It grows very slowly and only grows about half an inch every year. In autumn, dig, remove fibrous roots, wash, sun until soft, rub repeatedly, air until there is no hard heart, and dry in the sun; Or after steaming, knead until translucent and dry in the sun. Its rhizome is long, cylindrical, slightly flat, with few branches. The surface is yellowish white or light yellowish brown, translucent, with longitudinal wrinkles and slightly uplifted links, white dot shaped fibrous root marks, stem marks and disc-shaped. It is hard, brittle or slightly soft, easy to break, and the section is horny or granular. Qi is weak. Sweet and sticky. It contains Polygonatum odoratum mucopolysaccharide and four Polygonatum odoratum fructans, as well as acridine-2-carboxylic acid. Nourish yin and moisten dryness, generate saliva and quench thirst. It is used for lung and stomach yin injury, dry and hot cough, dry throat and thirst, internal heat and thirst elimination

Laoshan stone: Qingdao Laoshan produces a kind of precious ornamental stone with green as the basic tone, which is called Laoshan green stone. Because most of them are contained in the seabed, they are also known as submarine jade. Laoshan greenstone was deposited in a specific environment after the eruption of submarine magma. The stone is hard and fine, with transparent emerald green or dark green quartz crystal surface, containing gold scale like mica and colorful feldspar particles. Colorful color is the unique feature of Laoshan green stone. The natural aspect of Laoshan green stone is mostly simple, but after a little carving, its implied natural texture will be fully displayed. Some are like landscape pictures, some are like portraits, and some are like birds, animals, insects and fish. They are all strange, colorful, rough in delicacy, magical in charm, natural and interesting, elegant and pleasant. It is a rare desk elegant play. A large piece of Laoshan green stone can be processed into a thin surface with flat crystal surface, which is embedded on the wall, bedside and screen. It is clear, elegant, extraordinary and extremely precious. The black undersea jade selected from Laoshan green stone can also be processed into jewelry such as rings, earrings and bracelets. It is cool and pleasant to wear, calming and refreshing. It is a good craft product favored by women

cuttlefish shred: Cuttlefish tastes sweet, salty and flat in nature. It contains protein, sugars, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. It has the effects of strengthening yang and fitness, nourishing liver and Qi, nourishing blood and Yin, tonifying blood and kidney, strengthening stomach and Qi, hemostasis and lipid-lowering; It is a health food for women. It has the functions of nourishing blood, brightening eyes, dredging menstruation, tocolysis, diuresis, hemostasis, lactation and so on. Travel, tourism, wine, picnic, leisure and other convenient food It is a good gift cuttlefish, also known as squid. It has delicious taste, rich nutrition and high value of medicine and food. It is a good medicine with high protein and low fat brought to mankind by the ocean. Cuttlefish contains 13% protein and only 0.7% fat. It is a nourishing seafood that can be eaten frequently. Even for obese people or patients with arteriosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease, it doesn’t hurt to eat it in moderation. Cuttlefish also contains phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, sugar, vitamin B and other nutrients, which can be fried, steamed, stewed and boiled. Cuttlefish is dry in nature and tastes sweet and salty. It enters the liver and kidney channels and has the function of nourishing the liver and kidney and tonifying blood vessels

Qingdao: a prefecture level city in Shandong Province, a city specifically designated in the national plan and a sub provincial city, referred to as Qingdao for short, formerly known as “jiaoao”, also known as “Qindao” and “island city”. Qingdao is an important coastal central city, an open coastal city, a new first tier city, an economic central city and a national historical and cultural city. It is an international port city, a coastal resort and tourism city and a happy and livable city. It is known as “Oriental Switzerland”

Qingdao is located in the southeast coast of Shandong Peninsula and the east of Jiaodong Peninsula, bordering on the Yellow Sea, facing the Korean Peninsula across the sea, and at the forefront of the China Japan ROK free trade zone; It is adjacent to Yantai in the northeast, Weifang in the West and Rizhao in the southwest
; One belt, one road, was built in 1897. Qingdao was founded by the Qing government in 1891. It is an important strategic hub for the implementation of the maritime Silk Road and the implementation of the strategic plan of the country and the whole area. Qingdao is a port city and a regional hub airport. p>

Qingdao has famous scenic spots such as Laoshan Mountain, Zhanqiao, May 4th Square, Badaguan, Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center and so on. Zeng hongshe, Shen wencongshen, etc; There are Shandong University (Qingdao), Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Qingdao Campus, China Ocean University, China University of petroleum and other institutions

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 1 Qingdao is a coastal city, so it is very close to the sea and can eat very fresh seafood. Therefore, Qingdao's specialty seafood is naturally indispensable. Qingdao people like to make the caught fish into fillets, which are crispy and delicious. Moreover, the fish in Qingdao is very fresh and tender, so the fish fillets produced are also very soft. If we come to Qingdao, we can bring some Qingdao fish fillets back to give to friends and family. Qingdao fish fillets are generally packaged and loose weighed. If the journey is not particularly far away, we can choose the loose weighed type, which is economical and delicious. If the distance is long, try to choose vacuum packaging, which looks more atmospheric and has a long storage time

 2. Qingdao hemp slice Qingdao hemp slice is a famous characteristic snack in Qingdao. It is a bit like sesame slice we usually eat, but it will taste more crispy than ordinary sesame slice. Therefore, when you come to Qingdao, you can also buy some hemp slices home for your family and friends. 3. Although Qingdao jelly is available in every city, Qingdao jelly is unique. It is made of seaweed, staghorn and cauliflower. This kind of jelly tastes especially refreshing and nutritious. Therefore, we can buy some vacuum packaged jelly and bring it back to relatives and friends to taste. I believe it will surprise them. The above is about the introduction of Qingdao's specialties. It is recommended to take these specialties back. Of course, there are many specialties in Qingdao, such as chestnut, Chinese cabbage, sea cucumber and so on sorghum food 
Tsingtao Beer
calcium milk biscuits

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