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What are the specific facilities and equipment used in the production of cigarettes?

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The specific facilities and equipment used in the production process of cigarettes from procurement, processing and packaging
specifically, ask about the machinery used in facilities and equipment. The more detailed, the better. Thank you

now it is mostly integrated

a cigarette production technology and equipment:
1 Filter material containing nano SOD and its preparation method and application in cigarettes
2 A production method of cigarette filter tip with plant as raw material
3 Filter tip and tow additives for reducing nitrosamine content in cigarette smoke
4 Automatic cigarette box
5 Automatic packaging device for whole cigarette
6 Automatically eject cigarette box
7 Cigarette packaging method and device
8 A method related to the improvement of filter cigarette packaging
9 Method for feeding continuous cigarette manufacturing machine and distributor device implementing the method
10 An aluminum paper composite paper and its production method
11 A preparation method of polypropylene tow cigarette filter stick adhesive
12 A polypropylene tow cigarette filter stick adhesive
13 Joining method and device of tobacco products
14 Hygienic cigarette packaging forming device
15 Feeding mechanism of automatic cigarette sorter
16 Measuring method of cigarette tip and /or filter rod 18 Filter tip cigarette arrangement method
19 New cigarette filter
20 A manufacturing method of modified polypropylene tow for cigarette filter
21 The invention relates to a health cigarette and a preparation method thereof A method for manufacturing cigarettes by reconstituting tobacco leaves by papermaking
23 Device and method for forming at least two tobacco strips in cigarette strip making machine
24 Manufacturing method of tobacco wrinkle sheet
25 Cigarette filter tip containing cellulose particles
26 Cigarette filter tip and its manufacturing method
27 Composite cigarette paper
28 Methods and devices for producing effects on cigarette processing products
29 Coconut ramie silk pure natural plant fiber filter tip and its manufacturing method
30 Boxed filter cigarette and its packaging method
31 A method for flavoring, medicating and /or coloring tobacco
32 Cigarette filter tip capable of filtering out harmful components and improving cigarette quality and usability
33 A compound enzyme for improving tobacco quality and its preparation process
34 Difference cigarette combination packaging cigarette
35 Anti counterfeiting aluminum foil composite paper for cigarette inner packaging
36 Cigarette filter tip tipping paper
37 Dragon pattern cigarette (c) and its dragon pattern disc paper (c)
38 Cigarette filter assembly machine 39 Cigarette filter device
40 Cigarette machine feeding device with improved structure
41 A packaging method of filter cigarette
42 Method and device for manufacturing hard cigarette packaging box
43 Transparent paper packaging machine for cigarette carton
44 Low hazard safety cigarette and its processing method
45 Filter tip section or filter tip of cigarette and its manufacturing method
46 A new cigarette inner packaging method
47 Safety jade silk cigarette and its manufacturing method
48 Cigarette dryer
49 Method for manufacturing filter cigarette
50 Double wrapped cigarette and its manufacturing machine and manufacturing method
51 Flat bottle shaped cigarette containers and methods of packaging cigarettes
52 High air permeability molding paper for cigarette filter rod
53 Filter tip assembly for cigarette and its manufacturing method
54 Cigarette filter connector
55 A new method of cigarette packaging
56 A diatomite cigarette holder filter element and its manufacturing method
57 Nano cigarette and its preparation method
58 Packaging machine for cigarettes
59 Cigarette box and method and device for manufacturing such cigarette box
60 Cigarette packet transparent paper packaging and shaping machine
61 Cut tobacco conveying device of cigarette coiler
62 Hard cigarette packaging box and its manufacturing method
63 The invention relates to a cigarette filter tip and a manufacturing method thereof Cigarette packaging box and its manufacturing method
65 A cigarette filter compaction device
66 Processing method and device of cigarette packaging material
67 Inner lining paper shaping mechanism of double ten hard box cigarettes
68 Automatic laminated heat shrinkable cigarette packaging machine
69 Cigarette holder in cigarette warehouse of cigarette packaging unit
70 Paper cutter for inner frame of cigarette packaging machine
71 Cigarette packaging machine with multiple packaging lines
72 Cigarette packaging machine
73 A full-automatic packaging machine for cigarette carton
74 Packaging method and equipment of cigarettes and cigarette packs produced by the packaging method
75 Group B cigarette packaging machine:
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