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What are the types of anti-counterfeiting packaging?

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a kind of disposable packaging. Once the packaging is started, it will be damaged and cannot be used again. For example, various disposable cartons and cartons sealed with strong transparent tape will damage the paper surface at and around the original cover once the tape is removed, and generally cannot be recovered. For another example, some wine bottles that must be broken before they can pour out wine are discarded and can no longer be restored. Cans also belong to this kind of packaging. The other one not only adopts disposable packaging, but also has other anti-counterfeiting marks or anti-counterfeiting information attached or contained on the packaging. In this case, when it can ensure that the anti-counterfeiting marks cannot be imitated and the packaging is not a variety of bags, it can not only ensure that the goods in the packaging are not replaced, but also ensure that the goods in the packaging are genuine
as one of the pioneers of information-based anti-counterfeiting technology in China, Beinuo technology is committed to introducing contemporary digital information technology into traditional anti-counterfeiting, IOT traceability, integral marketing and other fields, and constantly introducing comprehensive anti-counterfeiting and anti fleeing identification technology to better meet the urgent needs of famous and high-quality enterprises in brand construction, product anti-counterfeiting, channel standardization and logistics monitoring, Increase the technical difficulty and threshold of counterfeiting and counterfeiting by infringers, and strive to make greater contributions to purifying the market economic order, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of famous and high-quality enterprises, and cracking down on counterfeiting and shoddy behavior.

Guangzhou Qingsong will answer for you. The anti-counterfeiting packaging can be the anti-counterfeiting label pasted on the outside of the packaging box, the material of the packaging box itself has the anti-counterfeiting function, or the anti-counterfeiting of the contents of the packaging box, certificate of conformity, instruction manual, warranty card, etc

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