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What color package looks high-end?

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first of all, the gold and yellow leather packaging looks high-grade and expensive. Secondly, the black and gold color looks domineering and the red color looks festive. These kinds have a noble feeling.

What do I think of the white bag? It looks high-grade, because white is a color, which is more attractive, and the white one is very good. What about the white bag? He looks relatively simple. Simple things look high-end.

Orange, orange and pink are warm, light blue and light purple are elegant, and green is full of vitality. Of course, it depends on personal preferences.

no color is the most upscale. All colors are unique and express different meanings. No one is high-grade, and no color is cheap. Packaging is to see if it is appropriate. For example, red is warm, white is pure, black is solemn, gold is graceful, pink is lovely,…

no matter which of the above listed colors is high-grade, so it can not be said that a certain color packaging is high-grade

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