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What do you know about the packaging and printing industry?

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I. market competition in the printing industry. Low price competition and mutual price reduction; Homogeneous competition without differentiation; Malicious competition, defeat the opponent and do anything by any means; Compete in existing overcrowded markets. Many experts called for a unified printing price with rules to follow; We should strengthen government functions and raise the threshold; We should establish a wage alliance to protect ourselves. 2、 Competition and thinking, innovation and choice. Jump out of the competition, look for a market that no one competes for, and find a blue ocean with high profit margin. 3、 Blue ocean strategy. In February 2005, he published blue ocean strategy, which tells the story of Cirque du Soleil. It has toured more than 90 cities in the world, with 40 million viewers, and its total income in 20 years has reached the level reached by the global circus overlord after more than 100 years of operation& nbsp;

the story brings us thinking: the circus industry is a declining industry. Under the impact of other forms of entertainment, the interest is less and less. The circus industry has lost its former glory and is going to decline; However: Cirque du Soleil did not focus on the competition with its peers, but created a new model of entertainment. The target audience is expanded from the original circus audience to non circus audience, and a large number of high-cost circus performance projects are reduced, which greatly reduces the performance cost and realizes both differentiation and low cost

with the development of the printing industry, from “lead and fire” to “light and electricity”, and then to the “Color Revolution” in the 1990s, the printing industry is constantly moving from one blue ocean to another while technological innovation and technological change. Reality tells us that industrial development is not static, but continuous evolution. The evolution process of industrial development is a process of creating a blue ocean. Each of us has different industries, markets and customers, and the answers of blue ocean are also different

China is a large country in the production and use of paper packaging. However, China’s paper packaging production structure and technology still lag behind some developed countries in the world. With the accelerating pace of knowledge economy and the development trend of circular economy, the application market of paper packaging in China has been effectively driven and promoted, and the product structure of paper packaging has undergone great changes. In particular, the continuous innovation in production technology and product structure has greatly improved the quality and protection performance of paper packaging products, It has played a good role in promoting the sales of products, and also made the application scope of paper packaging more and more widely. Whether at present or in the future, technological innovation of paper packaging production process is still the best way and choice to tap the economic potential. Only by adhering to technological innovation can the knowledge resources, technical resources and management resources available to enterprises be transformed into the achievements of improving productivity and reducing production costs; This is also the most profound feeling of the author in the packaging and printing industry for 30 years

packaging and printing industry is an industry accompanied by fierce competition and rapid growth, growing in competition, with the characteristics of growth, service and competitiveness. With the rapid development of China’s packaging industry, the role of packaging production in promoting national economic construction and improving people’s material and cultural life is becoming increasingly apparent. As an independent industry system, the development of packaging industry has been included in the national economic and social development plan. After a period of rapid development, China’s packaging industry has initially had a certain production scale, formed a relatively complete packaging industry system with complete categories such as materials, products, machinery, packaging printing, design and scientific research, and has become an important part of China’s manufacturing industry. The packaging products with the highest annual output in China are corrugated board, plastic woven bags, composite flexible packaging and metal barrels, among which the output of corrugated board ranks second in the world

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