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What does the composite bag include?

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development trend of composite packaging materials, improvement and development of packaging materials ① improve the existing packaging materials. Packaging is to provide protection for food and prevent food from being polluted by external microorganisms or other substances, & nbsp; It can prevent or reduce the oxidation and other reactions of food. In many food packaging, & nbsp; Plastic products and composite packaging materials play an important role. Therefore, improving the performance of existing plastics, improving strength and barrier, reducing dosage, reusing, classified recycling and protecting the environment have become a direction of food packaging development. ② Develop new food packaging materials. Using natural biological resources to develop packaging materials has the characteristics of low environmental load and rich resources. Making full use of raw materials such as bamboo, sawdust, hemp, cotton fabric, wicker, reed, crop straw, rice straw and wheat straw chitin to expand packaging varieties and improve technical content has become one of the directions of packaging ecology


develop edible packaging materials. The packaging is harmless to human body, edible and has certain strength. It is mainly used for food and drug packaging. It uses starch, protein, plant fiber, chitin and other natural substances as raw materials& nbsp;

aseptic packaging materials, nano antibacterial packaging materials are new aseptic packaging materials that have just sprung up in recent years. It uses nanotechnology to transform pure natural basic materials to give play to amazing sterilization effect. So far, the sterilization of food aseptic packaging materials is mainly thermal sterilization, which is divided into ultra-high temperature sterilization and high temperature short-term sterilization& nbsp;& nbsp;

introduce advanced packaging technology. The packaging industry is one of China’s traditional industries. In the open world market, the packaging industry, like other industries, faces fierce competition. To ensure stable and sustainable development, it is urgent to use high and new technology

Established in 1998, Shenzhen Liben packaging and printing design Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company specializing in plastic packaging, PVC shrinkage label design, production, printing and manufacturing. The company’s products include: composite bag, composite roll film, plastic bag, plastic packaging bag, food packaging bag, leisure snack packaging bag, tea bag, aluminum foil bag, aluminum foil roll film, bathing product bag, daily soft packaging, cooking resistant bag, PE bag, upright bag, vacuum bag, stationery bag, three side sealing bag, middle sealing bag, organ bag, sealing film, jelly cover film, PVC shrinkage film printing, mineral water label, film, bottled beverage film, Bottled water labeling, sealing film, round label, self-adhesive label, paper labeling, heat transfer processing, full open poster and other products

Application of composite packaging materials. At present, composite packaging materials have been used in various fields, & nbsp; For example, in the packaging of food, medicine, military products and daily necessities, the composite packaging materials used in the food industry are the most. For example, & nbsp; Aluminum foil /wax /tissue (& nbsp; for chewing gum packaging), aluminum foil /tissue /wax (& nbsp; for chocolate packaging), aluminum foil /oil proof adhesive /parchment (& nbsp; for butter and cheese packaging) & nbsp; Wait. Generally speaking, composite packaging materials have the characteristics of water resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance and so on. Generally, it can be used in the following foods: ① solid food: & nbsp; Such as instant noodles, all kinds of milk sugar, cereal, chocolate, laver, tea, all kinds of dried fruits (such as raisins) and packaging bags of puffed food; ② Liquid food: & nbsp; Such as milk, sweet wine, fruit juice, soy sauce, vinegar and other composite packaging bags; ③ Fresh food: & nbsp; Used for packing raw fish, fresh meat, poultry eggs, etc


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