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What does the dry powder mixer do

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1. The dry powder mixer is also known as the dry powder mixer. During working mixing, the materials in the machine are subjected to the action of two rotors in opposite directions and carry out composite movement. On the one hand, the pulp blade with animal materials rotates counterclockwise along the inner wall of the machine slot, on the other hand, the animal materials turn left and right. Outside the intersection and overlap of the two rotors, there is a
shaped weight loss area. In this area, regardless of the shape and size of the materials, And density can make the material float upward in an instantaneous weight-loss state, which makes the material form an omni-directional continuous cycle turning in the machine slot and cross cutting with each other, so as to achieve the effect of fast, soft and uniform mixing from

2. The dry powder mixer can work independently from the vertical mixer. It can realize the one-stop production of feeding, mixing and packaging together with the conveyor, storage tank and electronic metering automatic packaging machine (applicable to the valve pocket, saving 3-4 workers and significantly improving the production efficiency). It is an updated product of the traditional production process. The dry powder mixer is suitable for mixing a variety of dry powder and fine granular materials (such as putty powder, plastering gypsum, dry powder mortar, color cement, various mineral powders, chemical materials, organic fertilizers, etc.). It is widely used in putty paste, stone paint, dry powder, putty, medicine, food, chemicals, feed, ceramics, refractory materials, i.e. powder, i.e. the mixing of powder and slurry, and solid-solid (i.e. powder and powder) in chemical industry, compound fertilizer, dye, pigment, rubber, building materials, refractory materials, rare earth, plastic glass, new materials, nuclear energy materials and other industries Solid slurry (i.e. powder in slurry) material mixing.

the dry powder mixer has a wide range of applications, including:
1. It is widely used in the mixing of solid solid (i.e. powder and powder) and solid slurry (i.e. powder and slurry) such as putty paste, stone paint, dry powder, putty, medicine, food, chemicals, feed, ceramics and refractory materials, especially suitable for the mixing of viscous materials
2. Generally, dry powder sand slurry containing vitrified beads is mixed, and horizontal spiral belt mixer is recommended
3. Stainless steel is recommended for putty paste, stone paint, biology, medicine, food and other industries.
4. The mixer is not suitable for mixing materials with large fiber content and large density difference
if you want to know more about the dry powder mixer, please visit encyclopedia and Baidu Wenku/view/? St = 1. There are many more in it. You can have a look~~

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