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What elements does a good packaging design include

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Product packaging design is generally divided into packaging picture and packaging form
1. In terms of picture, it can be divided into picture, color and information layout
1) picture: it can be simple and atmospheric, vivid and interesting, hand drawn, realistic, or no picture. It can highlight product information. This should be seen according to the attributes of the product
2) color: the main color and auxiliary color should be matched reasonably, Reasonable color area matching
3) typesetting: simple and focused, not too messy. If it is in the supermarket, it can let consumers know at a glance whether it is the product they want, or pay attention to the classification of important information, so that consumers can quickly understand what the product is for
2. In terms of packaging form
1) consider the industry characteristics of product packaging, how to innovate and attract people in the inherent packaging form, and consider the disadvantages or inconveniences of the existing packaging form, Improve and enhance, so that consumers can experience convenience. For example, the packaging of nongnongshan spring baby water
2) the packaging form is irregular. Whether it can be produced and whether the production cost is too high should be considered. Generally, products with high price will be considered, and fast-selling products will not be made.

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