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What equipment is needed to invest in a weaving factory?

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if it is mainly textile, it needs: Flower cleaner, carding machine, combing machine, drawing frame, roving frame, spinning frame, grooved barrel, drawing machine, etc
if it is mainly weaving, it needs: warping machine, loom, cloth inspection machine, etc

problems needing attention in running a small weaving factory:
1 Machine selection: the 200 (230) rapier loom of China Textile machinery or Wuxi No. 4 textile machinery is more suitable for weaving denim. At present, the market is particularly good
  2. If there are conditions to prepare the selection of equipment, the warping machine of Sheyang spinning machine and the sizing machine of Yancheng spinning machine are better
  3. Personnel issues; At present, it is easy to find process technicians, but now most enterprises in China lack front-line blocking workers
  4. It’s better to choose a more remote area, so it’s easier to recruit local car blocking workers
  5. The quality of other domestic equipment is not very good, but the price is relatively cheap The failure rate is high
  6. Professional management should find a person who is more expert in large state-owned factories.

I want to open a small glass fiber factory. I don’t know what equipment I need. Please give me some guidance. Glass silk fabric factory needs; 1; loom. 2; Warping machine. 3; Weft winding machine.

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