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What equipment is needed to set up a carton factory

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the production equipment required is as follows:

ink printing slotting machine is the most basic production equipment, which is responsible for printing and basic processing. It is divided into manual ink printing slotting machine and semi-automatic ink printing slotting machine

the gluing machine is several times more expensive than the nailing machine, but the consumables are cheap

die cutting machine: necessary equipment for producing special-shaped cartons and color printing

paper separation and thread pressing machine: it can process small pieces of paper by reforming the paperboard and cutting the paperboard

thin knife machine: reformed paperboard and cut paperboard. It is not suitable for too small pieces of paper, but the paper separation effect is better than that of paper crimping machine

three purpose machine: also called slotting machine, it is used for processing small cartons

other auxiliary equipment, such as paper feeder, baler, packer, etc

by July 2020, it will cost 300000 ~ 400000 yuan to open a small carton factory

extended data:


1. Market prospect

cartons are the necessary “wedding clothes” for industrial products to enter the market. With the rapid growth of individual and private enterprises and the vigorous development of packaging industry, “multi variety and small batch” cartons need more and more customers. If farmers and their buyers and sellers, pharmaceutical factories, shoe factories, breweries, food factories Instrument triangle and home appliances, light textile, chemical construction and other enterprises. Therefore, it is timely to set up a family carton factory

2. Production conditions

the owner only needs to introduce an xk-100 carton forming machine that processes 1000 cartons a day and integrates the functions of paper separation, indentation, slotting and corner cutting, learn plate making and printing technology, and purchase some second-hand cartons. One room for one person can be started

3. Benefit analysis

in addition to the cost, the net profit of carton processing is between 0.60-1 yuan /piece. The annual production is only 100 days, and the output is 1000 pieces per day × 100 days = 100000, with a net profit of more than 50000 yuan

carton opener: first, printing press, three color, new, about 100000, second-hand, about 30000, two-color, new 60000, second-hand, one to 20000, second, carton ordering machine, more than 3000, second-hand, more than 1000, ordinary cartons. Other equipment is based on business. I see: did you do it for the first time, you should construct second-hand equipment. I have been working on cartons for eight years, and I have acquaintances with both old and new equipment,

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 just need die-cutting machine, binding machine and printing machine

 cardboard generally has two layers, three layers and five layers. If you want to make seven layers, you also need a glue machine and corrugated machine

 there are two main types of die-cutting machines. One is an ordinary machine (now basically eliminated) and the other is a new type, which is called circular die-cutting machine. The new machine is more than 4W, and the others are cheaper. 10W can handle the equipment

 profit from your cartons, the profit of fruit and vegetable cartons is low, about 2%, and that of industrial cartons is high, about 5%

 equipment: about 100000 yuan, rent about 30000 yuan, all aspects together, at least prepare about 300000 yuan 

3 more

it is just recommended to make color boxes, so you only need to pair the mounting machine, indentation machine and box nailing machine. According to your own strength, choose whether the style of the corresponding machine is old-fashioned or new fully automatic, and the price varies a lot! Making yellow boxes with printing and environmental protection is a big problem. Color boxes can be printed in professional printing plants at the beginning. You can work after you take charge of it. Hope to help you.

at the beginning, we usually need a printing slotting machine, a paper separator, a nail box machine, a mid-range set, about 100000 new ones, and about 50000 second-hand ones. I supply them for a long time and need to contact me
in 2018, prices are not very stable and environmental protection is relatively strict. Be careful when opening factories. Don’t listen to the fooling of peddlers selling equipment.

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