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What functions should product packaging have

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for a product in the early stage of entering the market, how to judge the quality of the product is first judged by more eye impression, that is, the packaging of the product. Therefore, product packaging design is very important. What basic functions should product packaging design have
packaging design
Product packaging is not only the selling point of products, but also the highlight of the market. Novel and unique packaging design is often easier to impress consumers. Therefore, product enterprises should not only produce products that meet standards and high quality, but also have dignified and beautiful trademarks and packaging, so as to make their products more attractive and competitive and make their brands more popular
the basic functions of product packaging design are:
first, promotion function
packaging is a “silent salesman”. Consumers can understand products through packaging, arouse consumer interest and stimulate purchase motivation, which is conducive to expanding commodity sales
Second, protection function
packaging should ensure the safety, cleanliness and hygiene of products, so that they will not be lost, damaged and deteriorated in the process of storage, transportation and sales, which is the more basic function of packaging
Third, beautify the value-added function
beautiful and generous packaging modeling, vivid patterns and novel and unique decoration can set off the image of the product and improve the added value of the product
in our usual work packaging design, we should strive to meet the above three functional requirements of packaging design, and try our best to make each work refreshing
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