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What industry is related to paper printing

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I don’t know what you want to ask. I think you can find the answer quickly by analyzing the products of paper printing and the raw materials and equipment involved in the online and offline of paper printing. For example, paper printed materials include: packaging, posters, books, leaflets and so on. Which industries need paper printing and which industries are related. And the ink related to paper printing is also a related industry. In addition, I think most industries will use paper printing. 1. There will be products to be packaged, and paper printing will be used for packaging. 2. Even if it is a service industry without products, we should also do advertising products.

you have a big problem! Basically, all industries are related to paper printing! If you want to start a business, it’s not enough just about paper! Unless you go to the printing house! If you do it yourself, there are more advertising industries and digital fast printing industries! If you start a business, you can open a typing and copying shop! But know CAD, CDR, PS, and other software
personal suggestion: you have to find a job before you leave school, and you can see through the connotation of the industry in your work! Hope to help you!

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