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What is bubble wrap

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interpretation: packages weighing less than 167g per cubic decimeter

from June 1, 2015, the post and delivery charges of competitive packages such as bubble packages will be changed from government pricing to market regulated prices. Postal enterprises can independently determine the tariff structure, tariff standards and billing methods according to market supply and demand and competition

classification of parcels:

1. Class I Parcels: class I parcels include newspapers within 10 days and magazines within 30 days from the date of spontaneous publication, government notices, slogans, and non-sale goods for political publicity published by the central and provincial (city), autonomous regions, the Central Military Commission, major military regions and provincial military regions

2. Class II packages: Class II packages include books, films, cameras for television photographers, video recorders and their accessories, projectors for film projection teams and generators without gasoline

3. Class III packages: emergency materials and tools, valuables, various tickets, drugs, vaccines, and a small amount of urgently needed import and export items

4. Four types of packages: instruments, instruments, musical instruments, props, handicrafts, clothing and flowers

5, five kinds of packages: furniture, containers, foam plastics and their products. p>

extended data

precautions for receiving and sending bubble counting packages:

1. Check in time. After entering the address written by the user, the staff shall carefully check with the user in time to avoid unnecessary trouble to the follow-up work due to incorrect address matching

2. Standard pasting. In order to ensure the accurate scanning of the full code of the bar code, when pasting the package detail sheet, do not skew or fold it in half. It should be flat and stick it on the largest and flattest side of the package as far as possible

3. Strict inspection. We should not be afraid of trouble. We should open the package, inspect each piece, seal the same eye, and weigh it strictly without leaving a dead corner. For the inspection free packages, we should not only strictly accept and send the procedures, but also implement the sampling inspection system

4. Properly package. Be patient and meticulous, and select appropriate packaging materials according to the nature, size, weight and distance of the items mailed by the user


Baidu Encyclopedia – postal charges

Baidu Encyclopedia – package

means packages weighing less than 167 grams per cubic decimeter

from June 1, 2015, competitive package delivery charges such as domestic express delivery charges, postcard delivery charges, printed matter delivery charges and bubble counting packages with a single weight of less than 10kg (packages with a weight of less than 167g per decimeter) will be changed from government pricing to market regulated prices. Postal enterprises can independently determine the tariff structure, tariff standards and billing methods according to market supply and demand and competition

postal enterprises shall publicize to the public 30 days in advance when formulating or adjusting postal service tariff items and tariff standards that implement market adjusted prices. Postal enterprises shall strictly implement the provisions on clearly marked prices, publish tariff items and tariff standards in a prominent position in the business premises or in a way convenient for users to query, and accept social supervision

postal enterprises should follow the principles of legality, fairness and integrity, earnestly strengthen internal management, optimize operation processes, provide services in strict accordance with the specified postal business service procedures, improve service quality, strive to reduce operating costs, and provide users with high-quality and low-cost postal services

extended data:

MA Junsheng, director of the state post administration, said that the postal industry should have a “Great Revolution” in the green production mode of the industry, and remarkable results should be achieved in the greening, reduction and recycling of mail and express packaging by 2020. With the increasing proportion of e-commerce packages in China’s express delivery, the development of green express and green e-commerce has become the focus of the whole society

Wang pan, a senior expert of rookie logistics cloud, said that the problem of waste in express packaging can be solved through the intelligent box algorithm. As long as the seller inputs the length, width and height of each commodity in his store and the number of historical orders, the system will automatically recommend which size of boxes to prepare for daily use and how many boxes to prepare for each type are the most economical and environmentally friendly

at the same time, when there is a new order, the system will automatically match with the existing carton according to the commodity volume, and will provide the packing sequence and placement style. Using technological innovation, we can save the use of express packaging materials from the source

reference source: People’s Network – China liberalizes the tariff of some postal services such as domestic express mail

reference source: People’s Network – make express packages “green”

e-mail “bubble counting” is to take the larger of the volume weight and actual weight of the e-mail as the billing weight, and then calculate the postage receivable according to the tariff standard

first, the weight of the goods is light, and then the package size of your package is relatively large. Then the express company has two charging standards, one is bubble counting and real weight. Bubble counting is to calculate the weight according to the package volume length * width * height /each standard. Then the package freight will be calculated according to the higher weight
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