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What is honeycomb paperboard

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? Honeycomb paperboard is a honeycomb shaped paperboard made of two layers of face paper and the middle honeycomb paper core. Honeycomb paper core is a continuous honeycomb core material formed by multiple strips of paper through cementation and stretching process. It is a new type of environmental protection packaging material. What are the main advantages of honeycomb paperboard as a packaging material? Its unique mechanical structure of honeycomb core makes it have the performance advantages of light material, high compressive and flexural strength, good cushioning and shockproof performance, good sound and heat insulation effect and so on; Honeycomb board can replace wood board in many occasions, greatly reducing the cost of raw materials; As a recyclable material, honeycomb board is in line with the trend of global packaging environmental protection. What traditional materials can honeycomb paperboard be used to replace? Used in the production of honeycomb paper pallets – instead of wooden pallets for transportation; Used in the production of honeycomb cartons – instead of wooden boxes for transportation; It is used to produce honeycomb paper coffin – instead of traditional wooden coffin; It is used as the buffer liner inside the carton – instead of the cushioning material of styrofoam (styrofoam, pearl cotton) for packaging; Used for light indoor partitions – instead of bricks, cement, etc; Filler for furniture sheet room – instead of wood;

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