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What is package sales?

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I. definition of package sales
package sales is a form of advertising for other types of goods or services based on the label, packaging and other product appearance of a product (including its label, bag, box, bottle, box, barrel, cup, bottle cap, and even the shape itself). Through the market circulation channel of the commodity itself, the attached advertising information can accurately reach the target audience. The biggest difference between package sales and other advertisements is that such advertisements do not rely on any third-party media such as newspapers, radio, television and Internet, so they hardly consume any additional energy, do not need to establish special distribution channels, do not bring any environmental pollution, and even improve environmental pollution. Moreover, since the potential users of package sales are highly consistent with the users of carrier goods, Therefore, this symbiotic media advertising model has a very effective role in promoting the sales of both goods

II. Proponent of the concept of package sales
Beijing Gongsheng Media Advertising Co., Ltd. is the proponent, practitioner and disseminator of the concept of package sales. Gongsheng Media Advertising Co., Ltd. is the first unit in the world to put forward the concept of packaging sales, and it is also the only advertising company in the world whose main business is rapid packaging sales and communication
Gongsheng Media Advertising Co., Ltd. is the first company in the world to put forward the concept of “symbiotic media”. The core of the concept of symbiotic media is that everything is media. It advocates carrying information through the commodity itself and effectively publicizing other commodities with the same consumer group. Promote the sale of another commodity without increasing any investment, establishing new channels and generating any pollution; And because people pay attention to the information of another commodity, in turn, they buy more carrier commodities, so that the sales of the two commodities can promote each other. Just like the “symbiotic phenomenon” between different species in nature, we call this way of advertising as symbiotic media, and the goods carrying advertising information as symbiotic media
the ideal of “co promotion media” is to recreate the “symbiosis” phenomenon in the biological world in the advertising industry, and establish a platform for all commodity media providers and all symbiotic media demanders, so that all parties can maximize their products, maximize benefits, minimize energy consumption and minimize environmental pollution, so as to make our advertising industry a pure land of mutually beneficial symbiosis, At least a small piece

III. advantages of fast package sales
1. Great breadth and depth: where commodity carriers can reach, advertisements can reach without any space restrictions. For example, if all Coke bottles are advertised, the advertising information will quickly spread all over the country with coke, and can reach all provinces, cities, towns, and even villages where coke is sold
2. Time effectiveness and rapid dissemination: as we all know, every commodity has a validity period, that is, if the commodity is accompanied by an advertisement, generally speaking, the advertising information will quickly reach consumers within the validity period of the commodity, especially the advertising information attached to FMCG. For example, the advertising information of the upcoming grand release of the new film will be published on some snack food with very high sales, such as melon seeds of a certain brand. Within a week, this information will spread all over the country
3. The effective reading rate of 100% is unprecedented: the effective reading rate of any traditional media is very low. A newspaper may carry tens of thousands of advertising information, and readers are only one in ten thousand likely to read an advertising information. Symbiotic media is totally different. Imagine that if you print a beautiful advertising message on your toothpaste tube and your signature pen, we can believe that you will read it 100% more than once, and review it often until you can never forget it
4. Don’t waste advertisers’ money: using traditional media to publish advertisements, most of the money is spent on media companies. The operating costs of TV stations, newspapers and traditional media companies are too high. All their expenses and activities are spent on advertisers’ money. How much money has really effectively promoted advertisers? Too little. It’s good to spend 10% of the money on consumers. Symbiotic media is totally different, because co rising media doesn’t have the cost of chaos, and advertisers don’t have to pay for it
5. Every penny is spent on the blade: with commodities as the media, it is easy to distinguish people with spending power from people without spending power. Often buy melon seeds, coke and red wine. These people are people with spending power, so it is right to publish any advertisement on these commodity media, because they are the people who spend money. Fei niujin makes a 100 episode TV play for the rural old lady. The old lady is very happy to watch it, but will she pay for the advertisements behind the TV play? She won’t, because she has no purchasing power. Only Gongsheng media can do so, so that every penny is spent on the blade, and every penny is spent on potential consumers with purchasing power
6. Extremely sticky: as long as the packaging of goods still exists, media goods will always speak for another commodity. For example, print the advertisements of express companies and car rental companies on the packaging bottle of shampoo. After reading them, even if you forget these information temporarily, you must know where to get it back when you need this information
7. It’s very easy to attract attention and impress: several friends are walking on the street. One of them bought a bottle of mineral water. Unexpectedly, the latest film information is printed on the bottle. It can be imagined that this bottle of water and this film will become the focus of discussion and will be relayed to others. Will they do this when they see the advertisement in the newspaper? Will they do this when they see advertisements on TV? Will they do this when they see the advertisement in the elevator? No, people are numb to those things
8. Extremely accurate: there is no more accurate way of advertising communication than this form of advertising. For example, how to find the target consumers of hypertension therapeutic instrument? TV commercials all over the sky? No, it’s too expensive. Newspaper advertising? No, because no studies have shown that people with high blood pressure read newspapers more than others. Radio, Internet, outdoor, everything is not good. Finally, the best way of advertising communication is to use the packaging of hypertension drugs as the media, and accurately find the target consumers through the spontaneous circulation of hypertension drugs in the market. This can only be done by CO promotion media
9. Extremely low advertising production cost: only the packaging of the original goods needs to be redesigned, and there is almost no need to increase any advertising production cost. The layout of a bag of washing powder is similar to that of a newspaper. The washing powder itself doesn’t have so much content to write. Why not take out half of the layout to serve other goods? Increase the cost for yourself, not for others
10. Extremely low advertising publishing cost: there is no need to set up a new team, build a new publishing channel, or pay huge advertising expenses. As long as the publishing cost is low, Gongsheng media can do everything for you
11. Do not increase energy consumption, waste discharge, control environmental pollution, and even improve the environment: in history, the emergence of any new media will increase energy consumption, waste discharge and pollute the environment. Only the emergence of CO rising media
not only does not bring any pollution, but also actively promotes waste recycling and controls environmental pollution
12. Fully meet the advertising requirements of various industries

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