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What is packaging

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packaging is defined as: “The general name of containers, materials and auxiliary materials used according to certain technical methods in order to protect products, facilitate storage and transportation and promote sales in the process of circulation. It also refers to the operation activities of applying certain technical methods in the process of using containers, materials and auxiliary materials in order to achieve the above purpose.

classification of packaging:

1. According to the scope of product sales: packaging of domestic products and packaging of export products;

2. Make packaging according to packaging Times of use: there are once used packaging, multiple used packaging and turnover packaging

3. Divided by product category: food packaging, drug packaging, mechanical and electrical product device packaging, dangerous goods packaging, etc.

4 According to the packaging technology and methods: there are shockproof packaging, moisture-proof packaging, rust proof packaging, mildew proof packaging, etc

5. Classified by packaging structure: body fitted packaging, blister packaging, heat shrinkable packaging, portable packaging, pallet packaging, combined packaging, etc

6. According to the packaging materials: paper products packaging, plastic products packaging, metal packaging, bamboo and wood packaging, glass container packaging and composite materials packaging

extended data

commonly used packaging products:

packaging box: carton, micro tile, ordinary tile, heavy tile, honeycomb paperboard, display rack

packaging box: color box, cardboard box, micro corrugated carton

packaging bag: plastic packaging bag, plastic composite bag, single-layer plastic bag

packaging bottle: plastic bottle, glass bottle, ordinary bottle, crystal bottle

packaging can: iron can, aluminum can, glass can Paper can

packaging tube: hose, composite hose, plastic hose, aluminum tube

other packaging containers: tray, paper label, paper spacer, tape, bottle seal, nozzle, metal cover, pump

packaging characteristics in China:

1 Natural packaging materials

are often used for the packaging of food, drugs and utensils. Materials include: gourd, lotus leaf, Zong leaf, corn leaf, bamboo vine and grass

2. Pottery

is often used as food utensils, wine utensils, water utensils and ritual utensils. The decoration mainly includes plants, animals, landscapes, figures, abstract geometric graphics and color painting

3. Lacquerware

is often used for wine vessels, food vessels and ritual vessels. The decoration mainly includes color painting, carved paint and inlay

4. Porcelain

is often used for food utensils, wine utensils and furnishings. The decoration mainly includes color painting and carving

5. Bronze ware

is often used as food utensils, wine utensils, water utensils and ritual utensils. The decoration is mainly carving

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – packaging

concept packaging: in order to break through the habit cognition, make the packaging show unique design personality and enhance its commodity competitiveness, concept packaging should pursue the freedom of material form expression. Shape the formal beauty of materials from vision and touch. Through the flexible use of the same materials, similar materials and comparative materials, the packaging can continuously coordinate in the pursuit of fashion form expression and meeting the market and functional needs, so as to provide a new way of conceptual packaging design. Packaging design is an integrated design with strong comprehensiveness and strong commercial characteristics. We should pay attention to the transportation, protection, advertising and other functions of content. Based on the unique functions and characteristics of packaging design, concept packaging uses innovative thinking to challenge traditional norms and mediocre creativity Conceptual packaging design is a packaging design theory and method based on the needs of market innovation. Conceptual packaging design emphasizes the breakthrough of packaging function and form, and also discusses the innovation of packaging design method and procedure. The value of conceptual packaging design is that it has foresight and predictability for the developing and cutting-edge market, can guide users’ consumption behavior and aesthetic trend, and promote the formation of new lifestyle.

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 on the one hand, it refers to the container containing goods, which is usually called packaging, such as box, bag, basket, barrel, bottle, etc; On the other hand, it refers to the process of binding goods, such as packing, packing, etc. Commodity packaging has two characteristics: subordination and commodity. Packaging is an accessory to its contents. Commodity packaging is a special commodity attached to the inner contents, which has value and use value. At the same time, it is also an important means to realize the value and use value of the inner goods

 generally speaking, every commodity needs proper packaging 


 what is the suitable product for ceramic packaging 


 this sentence means that what kind of packaging is needed for ceramics to be suitable for 


 you can also choose the hanging packaging box. As long as the merchant considers the shaking and impact during transportation and man-made throwing behavior before delivery, and puts his mind on the packaging materials for filling packaging, I believe he can avoid porcelain damage to a great extent. Buffer protection is very important in the correct selection of packaging materials, especially in the selection of the shape and size of buffer materials

 corrugated box and carton packaging. According to the type, shape, size and weight of ceramic products, corrugated cardboard boxes or cartons are made of corrugated cardboard for packing. At this time, various cushioning pads made of foam or corrugated cardboard are usually placed in cartons or cartons. Different methods are adopted to implement specific buffer isolation according to different product characteristics and quantities

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packaging is popular, just like people wearing clothes, to protect and decorate products, so as to achieve certain effects.

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