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What is shrink film? How to use it?

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shrink film is used for product sales and transportation. Its main function is to stabilize, cover and protect products. The heat shrinkable film must have high puncture resistance, good shrinkage and certain shrinkage stress
the macromolecules of ordinary plastic film are in the state of natural curl, and generally will not shrink when heated. The situation of shrink film is different. Its film formation goes through two steps. After the raw material is melted, the film is stretched at the specified temperature and under the action of external force. The macromolecules cannot slide with each other, and the unnatural state is frozen. At room temperature, the mobility of plastic macromolecules is poor, so the unnatural state can not be eliminated by molecular motion, which is the reason why the heat shrinkable film does not shrink at room temperature. However, this is only a surface phenomenon. Unstable factors are hidden in this seemingly stable heat shrinkable film. When the heat shrinkable film is reheated to a certain temperature, the frozen macromolecules will start to move again and try to recover from the unnatural state to the natural state, resulting in shrinkage. In fact, the phenomenon that the heat shrinkable film shrinks after heating is essentially the same as that of the stretched rubber band after loosening. When the temperature of the heated shrinkable film decreases, it will return to its original state
usage: cover the shrink film on the articles to be packaged, seal and heat it with the shrink film packaging machine to make the shrink film cling to the articles, so as to stabilize, cover and protect the products, and prevent dust, water and scratch —– Guangyi plastic film

shrink film: plastic film that shrinks when exposed to heat, including pet, POF, PVC, PE, etc. The relative uses are also different. Among them, PVC is relatively cheap and is mostly used for outer packaging, transportation packaging and PE. POF is an environmental protection film, which is mostly used in cosmetics, food and other packaging. Pet is mostly used for shrink labels, mainly for beverage packaging.

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