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What is the automatic beverage filling and sealing machine?

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< Travel far packaging & gt; Automatic fruit juice filling and sealing machine is suitable for automatic filling and sealing of plastic cups and plastic boxes. Commonly used in mung bean paste, Babao porridge, red bean paste and other packaging. Fully automatic operation, automatic completion of cup dropping, filling, ultraviolet sterilization, photoelectric tracking, date printing, sealing, edge cutting, etc.

automatic fruit juice beverage filling and sealing machine,

automatic cup dropping and filling date, printing, sealing, film cutting, waste film collection, etc.

Jincheng customized

is your double head horizontal semi-automatic refitted? The possible reasons are: the air pressure is unstable, the air pressure is not well adjusted, and the sealing ring of the piston cylinder is broken, resulting in poor sealing and low accuracy, which is also related to the liquid level and pressure of the material

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