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What is the concept of gift box packaging design?

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packaging design is not only an artistic creation, but also a marketing activity. Designers should carry out packaging design from the perspective of marketing; In addition, the designer of Xi’an gift box puts forward that the packaging design is based on simplification for clarity, while exaggeration is based on change for prominence. The common point of the two is to make some changes to the main image
first, packaging modeling design. Packaging modeling design, also known as shape design, mostly refers to the modeling of packaging containers. It uses the aesthetic principle, through the changes of form, color and other factors, to express the packaging container shape with packaging function and appearance beauty in visual form. The packaging container must be able to reliably protect the product, have excellent appearance, and have appropriate economy
the second is the packaging structure design. The packaging structure design is based on the protection, convenience, reusability and other basic functions of the packaging and the actual production conditions, and the specific consideration of the external and internal structure of the packaging according to the scientific principles. The primary function should be to protect the good structure; Secondly, the convenience of use, carrying, display and shipment should be considered; Also try to consider the functions of reusing and displaying the contents
the last is the packaging and decoration design. The packaging and decoration design highlights the characteristics and image of the product in the form of art such as pattern, text, color and relief, and strives to decorate and beautify the product with exquisite shape, novel pattern, bright color and bright text, so as to promote the sales of the product. Packaging and decoration is a comprehensive science, which is not only a practical art, but also an engineering technology. It is the organic combination of Arts and crafts and engineering technology, and considers marketing, consumer economics, consumer psychology and other disciplines
only in this way can we give full play to the role of packaging design. So as to improve the cost performance of products and better sell them. Packaging design involves not only the two academic fields of technology and art, but also many other related disciplines in their respective fields. Therefore, to complete a good product packaging requires certain professional knowledge and design.

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