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What is the difference between the two common marks on plastic bags?

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Hello, I know this is a symbol of identity, but I want to know why two logos should be printed on the same plastic bag. What’s the difference between them? thank you!

each plastic container has an “ID card”, which is usually at the bottom of the plastic container. There are 1 ~ 7 numbers in the triangle, and each number represents a plastic container. The recycling label of plastic products is formulated by relevant institutions of the plastic industry in the United States. This set of signs marks the plastic material identification code on the container or package, from No. 1 to No. 7, so that people can simply join the recycling work without bothering to learn the similarities and differences of various plastic materials
No. 1: pet (polyethylene terephthalate), a container made of this material, is a common plastic bottle for soda, also known as “Baote bottle”. Common mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, etc. Heat resistant to 70 ℃, easy to deform, and substances harmful to human body melt out. No. 1 plastic may release carcinogen DEHP after 10 months of use. Do not put it in the sun in the car; Do not contain alcohol, oil and other substances
No. 2: HDPE (high density polyethylene). Most containers for detergents, shampoos, shower creams, edible oil, pesticides and so on are made of HDPE. Containers are mostly opaque and feel like wax. Common white medicine bottles, cleaning products and bath products. Don’t use it as a water cup or as a storage container for other items. Do not recycle if the cleaning is not complete
No. 3: PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is mostly used to make water pipes, raincoats, schoolbags, building materials, plastic films, plastic boxes and other utensils. Common raincoats, building materials, plastic films, plastic boxes, etc. Excellent plasticity and low price, so it is widely used. It can only resist heat at 81 ℃ It is easy to produce bad substances at high temperature and is rarely used in food packaging. Difficult to clean, easy to residue, do not recycle. Don’t buy drinks
No. 4: LDPE (low density polyethylene). Plastic bags everywhere are mostly made of LDPE. Common fresh-keeping film, plastic film, etc. When high temperature has harmful substances, toxic substances enter the body with food, which may cause breast cancer, neonatal congenital defects and other diseases. Don’t put plastic wrap in the microwave
No. 5: PP (polypropylene), which is mostly used to make buckets, garbage cans, baskets, baskets and food containers for microwave ovens. (soy milk bottles, yogurt bottles, fruit juice beverage bottles and microwave oven lunch boxes are common. The melting point is as high as 167 ℃. They are the only plastic boxes that can be put into the microwave oven and can be reused after careful cleaning. It should be noted that some microwave oven lunch boxes are made of No. 5 PP, but the box cover is made of No. 1 PE. Because PE can not withstand high temperature, it can not be put into the microwave oven together with the box body.)
No. 6: PS (polystyrene), due to its low water absorption, is mostly used to make building materials, toys, stationery, rollers, as well as cup boxes or disposable tableware for drinks in fast food restaurants. (it is common to pack instant noodle boxes and fast food boxes in bowls. Do not put them in the microwave oven to avoid releasing chemicals due to excessive temperature. Carcinogens will be decomposed after loading acids (such as orange juice) and alkaline substances. Avoid packing hot food in fast food boxes. Don’t cook a bowl of instant noodles in the microwave.)
No. 7: others. (water bottles, space cups and milk bottles are common. Department stores often use water cups made of this material as gifts. It is easy to release toxic substance bisphenol A, which is harmful to human body. Do not heat them when using them and do not directly expose them to the sun.)

the first of the two patterns is wrong and the second is correct – it is a recyclable mark required to be printed on the product by international environmental protection organizations. The number in the mark indicates the material of the product. 04 is the name of LDPE, which is a kind of plastic. The arrow outside the mark indicates recyclable substances

LDPE is a kind of PE classification. PE is divided into LDPE (high pressure bag) and HDPE (low pressure bag).

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