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What is the ranking of packaging carton manufacturers?

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What are the manufacturers of packaging cartons? Is there any information about their ranking.

carton manufacturers actually have few fair rankings. I can teach you to judge quickly and understand the strength of professional manufacturers of packaging cartons. First: look at the factory scale and number of professional manufacturers of packaging cartons, which will reflect their strength to a certain extent. Second: look at the products of professional manufacturers of packaging cartons. The appearance and workmanship are easy to distinguish. The third is to look at their cooperative customers. The fourth is to look at the word-of-mouth. The carton manufacturers in [Factory music] generally have comments. It is also a good way to look at the user’s use comments

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I also make packing cartons. I’ll tell you clearly. At present, there is no such ranking in the market. There are also several listed companies of large enterprises. So what you said about their ranking does not exist. Finally, a friendly reminder. Don’t trust the so-called ranking
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if you buy Packaging cartons, it is usually the carton wholesale market, carton factory purchase or online purchase. Of course, online purchase is the most convenient way. You can place an order online and wait for the receipt. If you want to find a carton factory with high cost performance, you might as well find a carton factory. As a primary source of goods, choose a carton factory, whether in terms of carton cost, design requirements The process and production can be requested by more manufacturers. The carton manufacturer I am familiar with is Hangzhou color packaging
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