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What is the sign of the triangle with arrow on the plastic bag?

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It has become a very popular symbol in the world. Br /> First: it reminds people that after using the packaging of goods with this logo, please send it for recycling instead of throwing it away as garbage.
Second: it marks that commodities or their packaging are made of renewable materials, so it is beneficial to the environment and protect the earth.
In many developed countries, people always look for products to see if they are printed with this small three arrow recycling logo. Many people who care about protecting the environment and protecting the earth’s resources only buy goods with this logo, because using more recyclable and recyclable things will reduce the consumption of the earth’s resources.
Identification of plastics the American Industry Association (SPI) issued a plastic identification scheme in 1988. They attached triangular recycling labels to plastic products and used numbers 1 to 7 and abbreviations to refer to the type of resin used in plastics. In this way, the identification of plastic varieties has become simple and easy, and the recovery cost has been greatly reduced. Nowadays, many countries in the world have adopted this SPI marking scheme. China formulated almost the same marking standard in 1996, but few plastic enterprises responded to it.
If a plastic product does not have a label indicating its composition, it is difficult to identify whether the product can be recycled. Due to the lack of necessary identification, many plastics that can be recycled are not well recycled, and the classification of waste plastics requires more labor. “Is this pen recyclable?”, “Should I throw it away?”, “Will the recycle bin not accept this?” Without these important plastic signs, we will hesitate to recycle. Most recycle bins only accept plastic with recycling marks.
Recyclable plastic products
Here are some common plastic products. They may not carry any recycling identification code, but they still have recycling value. Most recycling bins in Shanghai accept these items, so if you happen to have these plastics, make sure they can be recycled.
Pete 1#: soft drink bottle (without lid), condiment (ketchup, salad dressing, peanut butter) container
LDPE 4#: frozen food bags, soft honey bottles, bread bags, waste paper baskets
HDPE 2#: shampoo, kitchen cleaner, detergent container, plastic flowerpot
PP 5#: broom handle, brush handle, tissue box, white medicine bottle
V 3#: fresh food bag, insulating skin of electric wire, water pipe, water pipe, tape box, CD box, credit card

to put it simply: the triangular symbol composed of three arrows represents that the object can be reused, that is, it is a recyclable item
this only represents the year of production, but also the year and month. Look at the picture

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